Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, September 5, 2011

Gettin over it and around it.

Have I mentioned how much I love Joint Compound?? I took my plain ole moleskin and a stencil and joint compound and added some yummy texture. It even feels like carved leather.

I've missed my blog.
I realized I was trying to do great things before I presented them to you and somehow they never looked great enough all the sudden. (Well, you are really special after all....)

GEEEZ.  You'd think a girl would get over it.
And I am now. For now. Until that big mouth inner critic creeps up again.       SHUT UP ALREADY.
 "Life is like photography; you use the negatives to develop"
It's just me, odd chick, playing with her paints, her journals and sometimes coming up with amazing, but mostly just trials and errors. I can't let comparison steal my joy of learning to paint. And maybe, somebody out there feels just the same on this journey.

I went back to an old journal where I had made a pencil drawing and dressed it up with some paint, ink, etc.
I'm still into sparkles and magic and texture. I think I will call her: "Passion Seeker" until I find a better name. She looks like a MUSE of some kind. Any ideas? She could be fun Halloween art.

I took her to Picnik and I think I like her black and white too, cropped, with the deep red. I love taking my sketch art to Picnik and use their fun tools to take it further and further- I learn so much from playing with it and changing colors, intensities, applying different art styles. Try it. There is nothing to lose by tweeking your art a little. And you might find something that really ramps it up and you won't be so scared to try it.  I love finding ways around that scaredy-cat artist in me.
click to make larger cuz it's cooler that way

Check out this amazing blog: I heart shabby chic  and get you some fun, fabulous, ideas for fall decorations. 


NatashaMay said...

The muse is gorgeous and I love the texture. :)

Diane said...

Yes, she's Very fun! You are making me want to try joint compound!

Bren said...

She's beautiful and the b/w effect is stunning when you see all the details. She would make a great collage element printed off. I love joint compound too, the finish is so different than anything else I've tried.
If all of us have to wait until we have something post worth, blogland will become desolate, well not quite but I certainly know how you feel :-)

Buffy said...

That is so cool looking on your journal,now you made me want to try it. LOL. I Love your girl,she's beautiful,especially love her wingss.

ooglebloops said...

Joint compound???? We must have some of that in the garage!! LOL I was looking for something different to do to my sketchbook - who'da thunk it!!! TFS>

linda said...

crackle paste acrylic medium and joint compound are much the same and you get all these lovely cracks to mess with and it's probably more long-lasting?-not sure on that one...i think it is up your alley! this is wonderful in b/w. i am not one for all the techie stuff, given my last comment here, but you do pique the interest with what you accomplish with is enough for me to get to my painting room once in awhile....and don't knock your artist within, she is quite something. xoxox