Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, April 3, 2009

Springs of Renewal

"Inside myself is a place where I live all alone and that's where you renew your springs that never dry up". - Pearl Buck

I haven't been very creative lately- too much going on. But endless creations sit there inside my mind and simmer on the back burner. This little digitally enhanced picture began as a desperate sketch in my journal on a crowded lap table in an airplane - dipping my travel brush in a plastic cup of water that was traded out for my own need to drink in that thirsty environment. I was more thirsty for my mind to spill a new creation, for wet paint and juicy surprises from my hand to the paper. Something had to be made that day-it didn't matter about quality or substance. It didn't matter about success or failure. All that mattered was: I must create. Do you ever get that incredible urge - that overcomes your need to eat, drink, or even take time to go to the bathroom? I simply couldn't let another hour pass without visiting in my journal- the place where I live all alone and renew that spring in me. And it was a good trade - my water for a watercolor experience. Somehow, in the end, I was even more least until I get thirsty to create again.

I like what Jesus said about being thirsty in John 4:13.


ooglebloops said...

Great quote and great art!!!

ELK said...

i so enjoyed my visit here ~ you are so artistic~ elk

Carol Anne Strange said...

Your creative energy is inspiring!

Genie Sea said...

Oh that watercolor is gorgeous! I love how you quench your thirst :)

linda said...

hi dear odd chick....I must apologize as I have not been a very good blog commenter lately! I have not been feeling very well and so it's always fits and starts, which I don't like!

I love this little sketch and also liked the one of you doing the andyW on yourself~personally I like this one a whole lot better as it seems more you, even tho the other one is you...sigh...did that make sense? anyway, yes, I feel that way sometimes, like I simply must get my head into my art or I will throttle someone, most likely dh of mine, or maybe dear daughter! I can't see it on a plane however but that's because I wouldn't give up the water! and it's always in such short supply it would seem, which is so ridiculous...anyway, I think your creative nature is very inspiring and the way you talk about it in this post, really speaks to me!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love the quotation and the art you did for it.

I've been thinking of you lately. I've returned to a childhood love, sketching, an it's been so rejuvenating. I'm not pursuing it as a vocation, as you are. It's just play for me. But it's great to read about your artistic thoughts and experiences as I did my toes into this new spring of creativity.

Kimmie said...

Beautiful art and thoughts ..... I've been thirsty lately too :)

redchair said...

Gorgeous little work!