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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long journey in little time

What a TRIP!! Sweet Farmer and I just returned from a journey of 2624 miles - and we never left the United States! We live in southeastern New Mexico and we headed to Illinois on April 4th. It was a blustery day but the tail wind was just what we needed - it almost doubled our gas mileage. This GInormous cross loomed into our horizon and it is known as the largest cross in the western hemisphere located not far from Amarillo, Texas.

I felt this was a good sign as I had been praying about a successful, fruitful and safe journey as I knew we had thousands of miles ahead of us and bad weather possibilities as we headed north.

It wasn't long before we passed into Oklahoma and we ended up staying in Tulsa the first night.

You can imagine that I saw beautiful skies and awesome landscapes and had a little time to sketch and paint in my journal.
Don't ask me what this little abstract piece means - but you can tell I had thoughts of a journey and hopes and dreams for our unknown future.
I'll show you more of our travels in the days to come.

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ooglebloops said...

Cross country trips are such fun you never know what you will find or see!!!