Passions of an Odd Chick

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Well, I promised myself and others I wouldn't post bad horse drawings. I've always been so judgmental about bad horse drawings myself that I couldn't bear to be such a hypocrite. But here I am....... but if I didn't post my early attempts, you might never understand the struggle someone goes through to get a horse right. It's not easy.. and I am ashamed of myself for ever being so critical of those who tried. Isn't that the way it is? Until you actually get in the ring and fight the fight the other guy always looks like he's losing... you never really know how tough it was to beat that great contender. Great things don't come easy for most of us. Most of us make it by sheer determination and heart rather than talent. And some day someone looks at what we do, and says, "you make that look easy"..... and they can't imagine that you have a thousand bad trys behind you. Well, I have one less behind me. And I'm one closer to that really exquisite horse painting I see in my mind's eye. I would love to hear some comments about what others are one step closer to after many, many trys.. or even those that made it to the finish line.


Braja said...

Ms Passions :)
I am sorry to disagree but I like that horsey :)
I can't for the life of me recall how I got to you but am glad I did. I'm surfing your blog list now. Drop in on me if you're inclined. I like your style :)

Karin said...

I'm not sure what constitutes a "good" horse drawing - maybe anatomically perfect? photographic realism?! but I'm really drawn to your depiction of a horse and it's free quality - similar to the way you captured autumn, in your leaves below. You have the energy of horse, if not photo realism.

In answer to your question, there are some techniques that I have to practice over and over again, and still seem to need to refer back to the experts to for help (like certain bookbinding stitches) and there are others that have become nearly second nature, because I've done them so often. I forget about the practicing days, months, years (!) it took, once something becomes second nature. It's worth remembering - thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I love your horse painting and I especially enjoy reading your blog with I need a 'break' from the office job. Enjoy it so much!

Keep at it!
Ellen Everett

linda said...

I like your horse painting....I don't think you need to capture the exact likeness of something if you capture the feeling of it...and you have done both with your horse... :)

Paula Villanova said...

I agree with all of the above. "Technical Excellence" does not necessarily yield a successful painting that makes us want to look at it. I love this horse and the sweet expression. I love the lines in this and I really like your colors.

Sandi said...

Love the horse. I like to feel the soul in some way and this horse has that. I very much enjoy your art and your words.

Two things I just keep trying and trying at:

1. Consistently producing artwork in the face of many other demands, distractors and a little parental voice in my head from long ago telling me to do something worthwhile.
2. As an extreme introvert, learning to do the people thing in my job in a manner I can be proud of i.e., reflecting my values.

redchair said...

I really love your color washes on this pony. It's very pretty.

And I think your comment about 'you never know how hard it is until you attempt it'- is something we could all apply to lots of things. It's good advice.

For me it's really not learning technique anymore. (Although I greatly enjoy learning new techniques) I find myself jumping around in my 'stylings'. Heavy detail in the background to 'none' at all. Push to realizm or just keep it loose. Regardless, I'm always having fun.

I think with art we never stop learning and evolving. That's what makes it so invigorating.

I think you're doing exceptionally well.

The Victorious place said...

I think you are greatly wrong. Love the house!!! You can feel the stong emotions of longing from him as he looks over the corral dreamaly longing for the freedom to run on the high mountians.
I had to wonder over and see what you are up to. Pleasently surpised.

Kimmie said...

Maybe it's cuz you know horses like they're people. To me any horse is like any other horse. But to someone who has a horse in their life (I'm thinking you do) their face is like the face of a friend (I would guess). I love this fella though - to me he looks like a Good Horse.

an ordinary Saffa girl said...

You are very aristic! I enjoy your writing style too :)

Anonymous said...

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder - and I think this horse is beautiful!!! wish I could paint mine as well-or at all!!!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

This is a great post and Sheer determination gets you places.
This is a nice horse drawing. You've captured the spirit of the horse here and the lines and washes really carry well.
I came over here from Paula Villanova's blog. Glad I did , too.