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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Favorite Study

I hope you're not getting tired of cowboys. This was a sketch I did last night from a photograph I made of my sweet farmer. I've always liked his backside profile. There's something about the way he plants his feet when he looks out on the horizon. And his strong girth and towering height are like a brick fence, a sheltering wall. I always wonder what he's thinking when I watch him from behind standing so still. His whole stance speaks to me of the graceful waltzer and the gentle giant that he is. And there is always that moment.... when he turns around and responds to my approach, and the mystery of his mood and the countenance on his face. No wonder he's my favorite study.

For those who consider themselves non-artist, I wish everyone could study a loved one like they were going to draw or paint them. I think you really see things about that person you might have missed in casual glances. It's amazing what the right brain will reveal. Everyone who has their whole brain intact can draw. It's not a gift - it's a learned ability - that adds incredible dimension to your life. Just try sitting down and drawing someone or something you love. Take your time. If you let go of what you need to see on paper to drawing what you intently see - with no judgment, I promise you that you will be incredibly astounded.... the act of truly seeing a thing from your right brain is the gift (not the talent) after all. But... you'll never know until you try.


Robin Weiss said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's been fun reading over your posts and getting to know you a bit.

Keep drawing and painting you will surly improve as you get the "brush miles" in.

I see you have been to Africa! I had a great trip there this year! I did a few paintings from my sketches of Uganda

Take care.

Paula Villanova said...

Such good advise, and such a nice, loving study of your cowboy.

Marian Fortunati said...

Drawing is so important... The more I try to paint, the more I realize how important those skills are. I need to do what you are doing and JUST DRAW!!
Great cowboys, by the way.

cottonpicker said...

Looks just like him from behind - he's always had an interesting stance.

redchair said...

This is really excellent! The shadow, depth and body proportions are terrific and the detail in his shirt is outstanding. You are really doing great, girl!


linda said...

I have a cowboy I am going to try this on! :)

great work, btw, as always!!

artattack said...

Hi, You are improving by leaps and bounds. Keep it up. Thea

Peggi Habets said...

Very nice work. Your winters sound so idyllic. It's so true about hwo necessary drawing skills are and about how much you learn when you draw a loved one. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment.