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Monday, November 3, 2008

Tweaking through a sketch

This was a hasty sketch of Robert Duvall from Lonesome Dove, or rather, Captain Augustus MaCrae. His friends called him Gus. I think he would make a good guardian angel painting for Gus, my grandson, who was actually named after this character. He's going to take a lot more practice but the practice is fun and something that's very relaxing for me. You can lay a drawing down and come back to it and see immediately new things that you should add or change. It's funny how your mind needs space from a problem to work it out. And actually, was it ever really a problem? It wasn't. It was just a growing pain in the process of maturing the whole picture.
I was thinking maybe we all need to create a little space in our lives and our perceived problems. And then when we walk back into it - it's very possible that we will know better what to do - whether to erase, place a bold stroke, or leave it alone. And maybe, if we quit perceiving everything as problems and began to see them as stepping stones across the big picture of life... , the added depth in our own life drawing -we'll quit stressing and let the real Artist of our life just keep tweaking on us until He says we're finished.


Steve Emery said...

Well put! And a good sketch of a memorable character. I loved Gus in the book - and I could easily see him played by Robert Duvall (who I only got to know quite recently, from Second Hand Lions - which is absolutely wonderful).

redchair said...

You're so right! It's only during those struggles to put on board what we have in our mind's eye that we grow as artist. You've just made friends with the 'creative process.'

I love your journal of sketches. It's really a wonderful process your creating for yourself. (And I love the way his arm intrudes on the other page- that's so much fun)

I also love Robert Duvall. I'll watch just about anything he's in. He's done a lot of work over the years. Do you know that he was the original big retarded kid in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' with Gregory Peck? I don't know if he was even 20 years old when that was made. It was a black and white movie- I think early 60's.


Odd Chick said...

Hey Steve,
thanks alot and I also loved him in Second Hand Lions.
And Redchair: I'm so glad you two show up so often. I want to be really good like the both of you. I really need you guys to be honest with me, too. I was trying to make him look like he was squatting in the corner (using my book center) but that was a little beyond my skill level for right now.

Kimmie said...

You made a good drawing and a good life observation as well! Thanks! I needed that!

a mouthy irish-catholic woman said...

i loved him in lonesome dove!!!! and i really don't care if it is politically incorrect but GOSH! he is a man's man for sure!!!!

great job capturing him. i can almost smell sunshine, fresh air and leather....

Tammy said...

I too often lay painting and drawings aside when I feel stumped or to scared to commit to something on it. When I come back and actually put paint to paper, there was never anything to fear after all.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I just love your sketch!

Starr said...

I just love your blog. But seeing as I loved this book and movie, I just had to leave a comment here. I read your entire blog this morning. Fun Stuff! I will be a frequent visitor! Your daughter is very beautiful and I love, love the day of the dead work. And thank you for your kind comments!