Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, November 15, 2008

An Art Show

Things got busy around here and I've had little time for computer fun. I just got back from working a booth at the Roswell Potter's Guild. Artistsans from all around this area have a chance to sell their jewelry, art, hand-crafts, paintings, pottery, etc... once a year and it is well attended. I, and about 10 others from my art guild had a booth, and I'm displaying a couple of paintings of my own. Many people commented on the economy and that purchasing art would be too much of a luxury for them right now. Although I believe art is a necessity in our lives- I understand about purchasing high-dollar paintings. I encouraged people to try to make their own, and that especially in depressed, economic times, to surround themselves with their handmade art to add beauty to all the bleakness and harsh realities. I feel sorry for the artist (especially the older people) that are depending on their art selling so that they can keep painting. I think I would find a way to paint even if it was scratching a mural in a cave dwelling or drawing with chalk on my sidewalk. Above, is a little sketch I added to my journal. It was the view I had of another artist's booth who sold pottery and made beautiful crosses. It will serve as a great reminder of the day and artists I met, and the new and old friends I saw today, and the beautiful art that refreshes my soul.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh my. I never thought about the economy impacting painters, even though I know the supplies can be expensive.

I agree with you that art is not a luxury. It feels the soul.

Kimmie said...

I've been wondering about that - how the starving artist's will survive in times like this. I DO so love the art that has come out of folk movements in the south and the appalachians in times past. Beautiful works of art made from everyday things ... and obvious expressions of hope and beauty in the midst of troubled times.

Thank you for the reminder and the heads up - to keep art alive in ourselves and in those whose work we admire ....

redchair said...

It sounds like it was a fun day for you. It's always inspiring to be around other artist and craftsmen.

Being one of those 'starving artist', I agree to a point about art being a luxury. But there's another thing that always seem to make art sell regardless: Food is nourishment for the body. Art is nourishment for mind and heart.

linda said...

hi odd chick, when I first looked at the painting, I thought it was a photo!! bet you didn't know it looked so realistic, did you...then you mentioned it so I looked more closely :) I love the crosses and the colors you used on them (as always).

I am glad I am not trying to make a living on my art as it would change my perspective drastically....I do feel for those who do right now but hopefully this will all change soon.