Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, March 22, 2010

You Can Sleep When Your Dead

Of course, I couldn't stop with one journal. In fact, I made 3 more paper journals and then I decorated my moleskin journal with Golden's Extra Heavy Gel/Molding Paste mixed with gesso and a stencil and then painted a wash over it. I was worried that it would flake off, but I coated it with Golden's soft gel gloss medium. And it feels like it came on the book, although you can feel some texture. These acrylic mediums fascinate me with the extension of choices you have to create on anything with acrylic paint.

This is one of the sketches in my newly decorated moleskin.

One time, when my grandson was describing me to a little friend of his, he said, "My Peggy Sue is an explorer, a painter, and a farm girl". Well, Peggy Sue (aka Odd Chick) will soon leave on a new exploration for about 10 days.

I'm taking several girls to South Carolina to visit a niece of mine and we're driving. Now that's about 30 hours from my little town of New Mexico. Every time I think about the drive to get there and back and how tiring it may be - I remember the song that says we can sleep when we're dead.

I have never seen the East Coast. I will be a virgin sight-see-er in Charleston and do you know how hard it is to be a virgin anything at 51?? I LOVE LOVE seeing new things and learning new things. I'll have lots of cool pics to share and who knows what I'll see that will stimulate a new passion in my art. PLUS, just being with a fun bunch of girls!! ROAD TRIPPIN! The best. You know, the kind where someone says, "ouuu, I like that shop, let's stop there, and someone actually STOPS!!" , and "ouu, I'm needing a coffee mocha vanilla with cinnamon and an apple turnover" and someone actually STOPS!!


Kelly said...

that sounds like a great road trip! and makes my dreading the 12 hour drive to DC to visit my sister look like a piece of cake. :-) your journal looks awesome .

Buffy said...

Now that sounds like a great road trip,when I say stuff like that to my husband all I get is a moan. Love you jounal cover,very neat,and also love you page.

Juliette Crane said...

hello! have a wonderful roadtrip. i just love that your grandson named you an explorer. so fun. i am happy to have found your blog. your artwork is just lovely. best wishes to you! xoxo, juliette

danielle said...

Oh Sweet Peggy...I can't believe you whipped up three of those journals! They are beautiful!

I am sending you traveling guides to keep you safe. I hope you have a marvelous time exploring the abundance of beauty. May it continue to inspire you.

Much LOVE,

Danielle xo

Kay said...

i love the moleskins' new skin!! What a great idea. Have a great and safe road trip...wear that seatbelt

Beth Nicholls said...

A road trip full of stories to fill your new travel journals - perfect! Love your infinite curiousity and energy. Have a fab time!

Kolleen said...

have the most amazing, wonderous adventure!!!

this new journal is absolutely gor-juss....i want to touch it!!!!

bring back lots of stories to share with all of us!!

sending love

Poetic Artist said...

Road Trip..A really long one but think of all the new adventures you will have..

Anonymous said...

My kinda road trip. You will like Charleston. My husband flew me their when we were dating. I had a yummy blue crab sandwich, I bought my daughter a dress and my mom a Thomas Kincade. We stayed in a 3 million dollar home on Isle of Palms. It can be cool on the water, so take jackets.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip. Charleston is just an awesome city.

I so love your grandson's description of you.

Anetka said...

I love your new art passions and these journals look AMAZING - and so fresh and unique:)
Beautiful Explorer image, this girl looks really interesting and brave just like your grandson described you:)
Good luck with your trip and am sure you will have more amazing stories and images to share:))
Have a fabulous time:)

Anonymous said...

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chrissy said...

im late on the game...but i hope you are having the bestest road trip a group of girls has ever taken from new mexico to south carolina!
can.t wait to hear every delish detail about it.
loves to you miss peggy sue the explorer!