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Monday, March 8, 2010

She Dreams of Horses

I've always loved drawing and painting horses but have steered away from a realistic painting because, in my culture, if you don't paint them RIGHT, you shouldn't even try. So I decided to take from a master of his craft, Virgil Stephens, who sells art to real horse people in the western part of the US (and all over the world)- but to the toughest critics of all, in my opinion. I was pleased with my final drawing.

He won't let up on you until you get it right and I love that about him. Although this composition is a little boring, it did teach a lot about the anatomy of the horse and I look forward to applying these skills to a more delectable composition in the future.

He also showed a demonstration on rub-outs and really whet my appetite to begin earnestly painting with oils. Mr. Stephens studied under Lou Maetas who is a master painter in this technique.

Lots of new things floating around in my head as I feel pushed further and further along by this passionate discontent to match my skill to my taste in art. I can see it like a brilliantly lit city in the night as I ride closer and closer from out in the far horizon.

Thanks for being my saddle tramp. If you have an interest in a 3 day workshop be sure and contact Virgil or Emily Stephens. They are setting up future workshops now.


Carol Anne Strange said...

This is fabulous, Chick - so full of vitality. I adore horses and I can sketch them but nothing as good as yours. Much love. xx

Poetic Artist said...

Wow you are full of talent..I love horses but I could never even think about doing this.

Kimmie said...

paint or draw the things you love and the love will come through .... it must be true ... these pictures look as if this is an animal you have ridden, groomed, fed, cared and tended, whispered to .... the love is shining through :)

Louise Gale said...

Absolutely gorgeous my friend....

DJ said...

Beautiful highlights, kid! You're a natural! Keep on keepin' on~

Kolleen said...

can't wait to see all the new things floating around in your head!!!

happiness to you!

sending love

chrissy said...

oh peggy.
do you honestly know how much talent is packed into that tiny sweet petite little body of yours?
i miss my friend.
love your posts.
the horse is incredible.
give jolie loves as well.

alish said...

I love horeses. This is such an inspiring post for me on Dreams of Horses.