Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, March 12, 2010

Growing up

It's funny that when we you use a bigger brush, start blocking in color, use less color more carefully, remember to look where your sunshine is coming from - they say "your work looks more mature". Those boring things we learn along the way like adding every little detail, using color indiscriminately, being afraid of adding the darks, never looking to where your light comes from makes us look like we are just learning to speak this expression of art. If we only go back to our childish ways, sometimes our paintings grow up. Maybe because it's so hard to stop yourself from trying to give the viewer more than we think he needs. It's funny that our paintings begin moving out of adolescents when we begin moving back to simplicity.
I'm glad I'm seeing a little growth in my paintings. I hope you see it too. But it can be a little scarey growing up. But I just have to keep letting go of what has always been in me and let my little girl child paint.... freely again, without the critic in my ear, without the chatter in my head.
I still have a thousand paintings in front of me. And me and my girl-child will grow old together down this path. You just wait and see.


danielle said...

YES! I am with you all the way! It's not an easy thing to let go at all, but you are allowing your heart and soul to shine through your paintings when you surrender the chatter and the fears. BRAVO my sweet friend, I am cheering you on! xox

Poetic Artist said...

Beautiful work..yet sometimes we have to have the child in
You just have to follow your heart.

Kay said...

Wow you said it! Sometimes when I paint..I feel that childlike freedom but it is fleeting..learning to let go of all those art rules is hard. I tell people there are no art police but I am my own art cop!!!

Kelly Berkey said...

oh how i wish i could get to that point...still trying to please.

DJ said...

Artists were made to break the rules.
Please trust that creative little girl inside.
Shhhh....I'll tell you a secret:


Zom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, it's good to meet you.

I am sorry, I don't have any DVD's or books to recommend on learning to draw because that isn't how I learned. The best way is a good teacher who can actually help you to see more. Barring that I would recommend drawing from life rather than photos and doing a lot of drawing.

If you do that, you will improve.

Mary said...

whatever is happening it's good!!
keep moving in that direction!!

Anonymous said...

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