Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Treasure The Everyday

In honor of the new season, i wanted to do a fall painting. Plus, i had a small box from Golden of sample gels and paste and a new bottle of Gac 200.
(These are all polymers that mix with acrylic paint for different textures and different results.)
All these, and some new acrylics and a museum profile canvas box (10X10)made for a very sweet day yesterday. For the life of me, i wasn't smart enough to photograph it to show you all the fun textures and molded stamps hidden throughout the painting.

So many of you have followed this journey with me of learning to draw and paint. You've seen me

make lots of studies of popular artist and try to re-create, in a more humble version, something of what I saw in theirs. But now, I'm trying to create without looking at anything - painting intuitively, they say... and it's a lot scarier but so rewarding, when after much effort you begin to see something that would actually attract you if someone else painted it. All the studies and all the practice have helped me to begin to make my own stuff. I'll always be a student, but I feel like i'm looking over my safe nest, getting strong enough to take flight. Your encouragement has meant everything....without it, i'm certain i wouldn't have had the courage to keep pushing myself out of the nest.

But if this isn't something that makes you smile, maybe you will enjoy what is playing on my front porch as we speak.


Sorrow said...

oh, thats wonderful. Did you put something on the canvas before you started painting? or is that all built up images and layers as you painted?
I love the words added into the painting, something about them, not only the phrase, but the placement is VERy appealing!

Karin Bartimole said...

Way before I got to the kitties I was smiling, and thinking to myself how I was going to leave you a comment telling you how much of a smile this post was putting on my face!! I have loved witnessing your process (thank you for letting us in on it!) and have also learned from you as you have shared ways of exploring and experiencing new techniques or vantages of painting during your process. Learning is a never ending process - I will forever be a student in some form or another! I'm excited to see you attracted to your own work as if it were someone else painting it - your own style is unfolding and blooming before our eyes, in full color - a strong, creatively bold voice. Bravo!!

linda said...

really love this painting ... I also really appreciated your post and how you are branching off on your own path...that's fabulous and I can't wait to sort of ride along :)

blessings and such cute little kitties...I wish I could have one, we need a kitty for all the cute little mice moving in!

Poetic Artist said...

A wonderful piece..I love how you always surprize me with all your talent. Those kittens are so sweet.

Odd Chick said...

hi sorrow,
this time i started with a blank canvas and added paint,but then i added tissue, foil, cheesecloth, and molding paste in places and it slowly built up. very fun
hi karin,
you have always been there egging me on and inspiring me with your incredible, original, astonishly colorful pieces. when i grow up, i want to be like you
hi linda,
i love it when you come by!! you always have an honest assestment and sometime you don't like it and you tell me and i love that, really. i hope you'll never tell me only what i want to hear, but what i need to hear. and i wish i could give a kitty. i know it would be soooo happy at your beautiful place
hi poetic artist,
you have been a loyal commenter and enouragement and your paintings have blown me away. thank you for inspiring me by your words and your own beautiful art.

Carol Anne Strange said...

Hello there, you beautiful chick! What a wonderful painting to celebrate the new season. Ooh, and yes, creating from intuition. Yes - Yes! Do have fun doing just that. I'm sure it will be an enlightening journey. As for the kitties - they are so cute. Much love. xx

simplyred said...

Ok, now, just stop it!! No fair getting better and better and better. I'm running out of ways to tell you how great your paintings are. And how much I love your new painting direction.

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