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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HELP Please!

OKay. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart- I reeeally need your help.

As some of you who follow me know, I have been commissioned to do an art piece for our new foyer at my church. I know in my heart of hearts that I am not ready for this. I've said it many times to those who asked it of me but they are just sure that I am the one to do the painting. So I said "yes" expecting that God will help me. Trusting Him a lot more than I trust myself. But God will find me working and with your help....

Many of you have seen versions of this piece because I have been practicing for the canvas. This one is on watercolor paper and is about 16 X 20. On Friday I start the 30X40 canvas which, by the way, will also be the largest piece I have ever done. It will take me several days. It will not look exactly like this but this piece holds the essence of what I will try to achieve in the larger piece.

This is where you could be sooo valuable to me. I want you look at this piece and give me your totally honest opinion. I need to see what various reactions will be as this is the way different people from my congregation will view the painting. I know everyone won't like it. YOU DON't HAVE TO to be my friend. What I honestly need is some real critique, real opinions. I have no teacher close, no art student friend - I'm by myself -and I need to bounce this off several someones. Would you please consider commenting and giving me your impressions and opinions, if you are an artist- real suggestions and critiques? You've done it for me before, but I've never needed it as bad as I do now. I would be immeasureably grateful.

By the way, the foyer has been decorated in wood tones, copper, stone elements and has a lot of east light. The decorator person (also a church member) asked that I use some metallics if I could fit them in.


Michelle said...


It's going to be beautiful!

I love the birds and the freedom implied.


Go with the flow.....


Kimmie said...

The only thing that stood out to me as maybe a little out of place was the book part looking so much like a book. I really really love the text layer that looks like a page (under the orange color) and I'm thinking that may be all you need.... a suggestion of pages of a book and not a complete representation of the book. I guess in my eye it sort of detracts from the upward motion and the birds - kind of anchors everything down so much.

Hope that helps .... hugs, Kimmie
and your friend too ;)

Karin Bartimole said...

Hi Peggy, I think you have a great start - I really like the composition. I don't know if it's in the photo, my screen or what, but one suggestion I would make would be to create more depth or contrast to make the areas of importance to you pop more. So if you want the birds to be focal, darken a little around them, or brighten the streaks of color that come from the book, and keep the background colors muted - something to make them less the same, if that makes sense. It may be in the photo though, that it's reading as one plane.
I sense a bit of restraint in this piece, compared to your piece from August 5th. There is a freer essence in that piece - or maybe it's just the brighter colors, but I'm with Michelle - go with the flow. Your church is asking for a piece of art, but they are also asking for a piece of you by choosing your art - I believe they know what they want! That is a large canvas - do you have a deadline, or can you give yourself time to work on it? Remember to take breaks and step away from the canvas to get a look at the full painting while you're working!
best to you, xox Karin

Carol Anne Strange said...

Free your creative spirit, you lovely chick! Your apprehension is holding you back. Let the light in and trust in your instincts. I know you'll do just brilliant! x

Odd Chick said...

WOW.. this is exactly what i was needing...i'm going to get a bigger brush and go with the flow and Kimmie, you're right- it's too grounded. i think i will break up the lines of the book.
and Karen - the comments on depths and contrasts and less restraint - give me even more confidence because now i can see that too.

i am so grateful for the time you all took. please keep them coming

Renee said...

Okay, right away I am not an artist and have not artistic talent, but I do know what I like.

I absolutely love it. I think it is really brilliant and stunning.

The only part that stood a little a part for me, and mind you this is only after I kept looking at it and you asked for a critique was below the doves and above the bottom of the bible, just something in the colours felt a little to solid.

On the other hand, the birds and the freedom and the love the picture gives out.

Really it is spectacular.

I'm going to look at it again.

Renee xoxo

Editor in Chief, Changing Crow said...

I was drawn in, but as I looked it reminded me of Japanese animation. Is that the look you are going for? If so, you've accomplished that. I see a white center that has a face. It is very surreal and almost cartoon-ish. I have not seen it at 16x20, and I know that makes a difference. The book does not resonate as much as the wings. I am drawn to the figure and the wings. I'm sure the book is a main focus, but I don't see why. This painting is an adventure of sorts. It takes me on a journey. I say leave the book out of it. The wings give us enough encouragement to be free. The book brings me back to civilization and tangible things. I love to read, and I do so on a regular basis, but I want to make up my own story from this painting without being shown.

En mon avis, c'est magnifique!

ArtPropelled said...

I think its very beautiful!

It is interesting to read all the advice here ....all good advice too. I find holding a painting in front of a mirror (with a little distance between) shows up faults immediately. When I'm happy with the mirror immage its usually complete.

Anonymous said...

I really like this! My first thought was the pages were just too out there, but then as I ponder the message I see His blood in the pages and the gift of freedom and eternal life offered in the doves. Just keep on keeping on, and like the others have said "go with the flow of what you have started" it will be wonderful. Hope you can share the finished project with us!