Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, September 4, 2009

Chasing Down Your Passion Like It's the Last Bus Of the Night

This new journal is full of animals! These goats have been running around in the pen of my mind trying to find a place to settle. I like them under the tree so I painted their collective portraits with acrylic and watercolors and water-soluble crayons, ink, and then took it to Flickr and added some more fun. It doesn't really matter whether you paint it, or digitally add interest, it's all your own creation and it amounts to play-time in the mind and soul. I'm also learning that if I have a certain look in mind, to stay with it - adding, taking away, until I see what I need to see. I don't think you have to be really good or talented, I think you have to be very tenacious to be an artist. For some of us, things have never just come easy by way of inherent talent or good genetics. Some of us have to be greyhounds with our nose to the ground, chasing the scent of our passion through every obstacle, totally focused, until we tree the desire of our hearts!


Poetic Artist said...

Goats and the color is wonderful.
You are so blessed with talent..
And I love the way you are chasing down your passion.

linda said...

I love this, especially that lovely yellowy lavender in the sky...and those goats are cute too, although goats are not one of my most favorite of animals, having been stuck in the back of a VW bus with two males many years ago, at a very impressionable age... :)

as always, fun stuff!!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What an encouraging post about tenacity. And i love, love, love the title.

merci33 said...

I am swooning over these beauty-full goats...and I adore your rap...feels so true.