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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Joy of Painting

My daughter and grandsons came to visit me and we painted. I got so much joy out of watching them choose color and become so engaged in their projects. I think they got a lot of joy from it too!

No surprise, Gus wanted to paint a truck. So he drew a line and I drew a line and he was pleased. But the next day, he wanted to draw a manure truck for his dad (which I thought was fitting since I give my son-in-law manure every chance I get, and vice-versa) and he did an excellent job. Under the picture, he wrote in his 5 year old script, "We are friends". It's a good thing I love his dad too, or I would have kept the darling picture. Even their Mom, my sweet daughter, slowed down long enough to paint. I think she is very artistic. She just doesn't know it yet. She's in survival mode with 2 kids, a high-pressure job, and doing other things (besides being a good wife to my lucky son-in-law) like in the community, her church and the kids school that would appear to most to be another full-time job. I think this is a gift she will unwrap for herself when she's 40 or 50 so I want to help her dabble. Anyway, we got her to paint and collage. Isn't she cute???

Gus told me I was "Peggy Sue Awesome To The 10th Power". I'm feeling pretty awesome alright after their visit!

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