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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Dragonflies - an odd collection?

I collect dragonflies. I think I've loved them since I was a child. Flitting across my vision, they look like jewels that are just out of reach. They never stay still long enough for me to dwell on their fragile beauty. Their elusiveness can be quite intriguing. Did you know dragonflies live as larvae on the sides of tanks and lakes and water troughs for several months before they hatch out into their fantastic new clothes? They live the last part of their lives at their most beautiful. I want to go out like that . They never hurt another living creature throughout their whole life span - I can't say that about myself I'm afraid. I love that they have sex while doing cart-wheels in the air. Not going to attempt that one. They have been around for 5000 years. They are an indicator species which means if you have a healthy habitat of water and greenery, you'll have dragonflies. I'm happy to report that Roswell has more different dragonfly species than anywhere else in the rest of the world as records go for now. I've been as far as Africa and all the way to Greece, and every culture has the dragonfly symbol. Though they are simple and have never gained the respect or the ideals of the butterfly, I think dragonflies should be noticed for their uniqueness and gentleness. They don't try to make themselves known, they just live out their lives in such a way that you should know them to enhance your own life. That's something else I would like to achieve with my own very precious life.

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linda said...

thanks for the new appreciation for dragonflies...I love them too but didn't know all that about them...I put in a meadow grass type lawn, in other words, a field of tall grass, and dragonflies absolutely lust after it!