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Monday, April 8, 2013


This was an actual sign on the door of an art gallery on a street I was browsing in a tourist's town. I had to laugh because I wanted to meet the owner(s) whom don't seem to take themselves too seriously. But it was closed. lol.

Sometimes my life, my art feels like this too. I'm in, I'm out and sometimes there all the time unless I'm someplace else? Are you like that? Or are you one of those scheduled, driven, stay-on-task, stay-in-the-moment kind of people?

sign Peter Hurd used outside his studio door
Sometimes I take myself too seriously. I add too much weight to my creativity. Pretty soon, it's like putting on shoes filled with concrete. It becomes a burden. Joyless.

I have to remind myself to enjoy my blog without the crippling worry that I don't always write with grammatical accuracy. Or that I have nothing super-interesting to show or tell.                         just post.
I have to remind myself that my drawing should get better but that every piece I produce is not going to be better than the last one.               just draw.
I have to remind myself that when no one buys my art that is still a valid and important endeavor and that has value simply because it brings me joy.                    just paint.
 So I write and draw and paint what I love and add important exercises in between and then back off and start back again serious, not so serious.... again... and again.

Following are a few of my recent journal pages.

My attempt at charcoal on gesso with pastel, trying to improve my hair strokes, thinking about light and shadows more.
My attempt at mark making with pen and no eraser- loosening up, trusting my instincts.
My attempt to visually express deep disappointment.
My attempt to draw postures and gestures.
My attempt to improve my anatomy and specifically, hand drawings.

My attempt to draw glass and work on values.
Some of these attempts are serious and some not so serious. But I have attempted- that is something I take very seriously.
Thank you to all who visit my blog. I treasure your comments and your thoughts.
I do.


Gloria in CA said...

...and a great attempt it was. These are great pages. Love them all. That sign was awesome, in fact I loved it. Just goes to show that artists do have a sense of humor. Great post, thank you. Have a wonderful week.

miz katie said...

Funny sign! I've seen it before online. I wonder if it's the same place.

I went through a long spell where each piece HAD to be better than the last or I'd beat myself up for weeks over it..which paralyzed me, and then, I couldn't paint at all. I decided to stop putting so much pressure on myself, and just paint. Life is so much easier now.

Good luck!! :)

WrightStuff said...

So much more than an attempt!

Willow said...

I am quite enamored with your art and your blog , in fact I am now a follower and I am also sending a little note off to a friend of mine about your blog (she is also an artist). Glad to meet you :)
Be Well

Donna B said...

Your drawings are great, enjoyed looking through your blog.

Anonymous said...

The hair looks great and I'm admiring that ear too (I think ears are so challenging)--beautiful portrait altogether. Also, your hand studies look amazing.