Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, April 29, 2013

Odd Chick got her wings...

This is odd chick getting ready to fly!!!

I went and signed up to tandem jump out of an airplane before I even talked to Sweet Farmer about it. I was afraid he would talk me out of it!
I handed him my camera, a kiss like it might be my last, and happily jumped in a plane that took me up 11,000 feet.
The only scary part for me was that little roll out of the plane- I didn't want to get caught on anything like the step or geeeeez- the propeller! Then there was a 45 second free-fall and what a RUSH! I tried to stay totally present so I could recall the memory with great clarity- but even then, ITs HARD TO PUT INTO WORDS. I have nothing to compare it to. The cold, the speed and the rush of the wind on my cheeks and the ground whirling below me like a giant pinwheel. I have to admit I was glad when the chute came out and slowed things down a bit so that I could soar. I even spread my arms out like a bird to see if only for a minute I could feel in small measure the freedom of the spaciousness of the sky. 

It was a glorious flight on a sunny day at Port Aransas, Texas. And it was a dream checked off on a list titled, "Wild & Precious Living".
I loved it. I hope to do it again whenever I get another chance - I will jump at it! I was light and weightless in the sky.
It looks like I didn't stick my landing but I swear I did- or at least I felt like an Olympic champion when I landed on my feet - but then all my weight and the earth touch like a magnet to the ground.
I kept waiting to be scared but truly it was peaceful. Sweet Farmer thinks it's funny that I'm more scared to talk on the radio when we're flying our plane (now that stops my heart) than I was to jump out of a plane! Go figure.
What's on your bucket list?



Gloria in CA said...

Wow! Congratulations! You are brave indeed. Looks like it was a lot of fun. That is NOT one of the things on my list to do. tee hee. Congrats again! Great photos.

scribbler said...

I simply have no desire to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. :c) It looks cool though and kudos to you for doing it! My bucket list? I've been rewriting mine of late. Seems my priorities have changed a bit. I want to move back to the beach. Corpus Christi, as a matter of fact. That's probably #1. :c)

Willow said...

That looked amazing and sounded exhilarating !

Victoria said...

So wonderful..and fantastic for you to experience! Happy you got your wings..shine on and keep shining!Fabulous photos too..thanks for sharing!
Thanks for your lovely visit and kind words!

Anonymous said...

Oh . . . My . . . Goodness! This is awesome! It must have been thrilling :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

bravo, braveheart!
i felt the cold rush of wind
and the big stretch of sky
as I read your juicy words;
thank you!
i love the title of your list!
-Jennifer said...

oh your one brave lady. You dont look like one old chick by all means.

You just look like a gal who is adventures. Congrats.

I bet it was some rush.

I love to go in a airplane.

I loved the start and the end on the run way .

Not to be the driver just the passenger with 200 with me. Ha,ha.