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Monday, March 25, 2013

A trip down Grateful Avenue.

This is my grandson, Cash, helping me celebrate St. Patrick day. We go to Target and borrow their hats to take our pictures. It seemed like a leprechaunish thing to do.

I draw almost every day now. I have a joined a site called "Drawing Tutorials On-Line" and have found it to be an endless source for learning and exploring. It also has running videos of poses of dressed and nude models for a pseudo life drawing experience and practice. I highly recommend -worth every cent.
Also, Pauline Agnew, an energetic Irish artist, over at Seedbed Studio is still encouraging me even after taking her class and is a constant source of good suggestions for great art books - (check out: "Drawing and Painting People). Her second class produced amazing art and we were invited to that event on-line. Check her out. She goes above and beyond as a teacher and gives honest and helpful critique of your work to help you move forward.
It's so amazing to me that a girl on a farm in rural New Mexico has access to so many amazing options that continually keep me inspired and pushing further.
You would think that Someone GOOD is looking after me and encouraging my art.
i want to make Him proud.
 I'M so G R A T E F U L
for the opportunity to do art, see art, be with artists.
Speaking of inspired- I took another art day through our museum and they were featuring New Mexican style design and art. Check out these lovelies.

Kim Wiggins - local Roswell, NM artist.



Bren said...

Love the hats :-)
So glad to know and see your creative juices flowing. I'm loving the sketches.
My heart echoes your in the Grace that allows us create

Steve Emery said...

Looking over your last posts, I see what you mean about the inspiration being back. Yes, the breaks are scary the first few times - I recall my first few after I started painting again in 2006. Twenty years without it before that, so I thought it was gone again. I got a bit panicky. But you're right - it comes back better, richer, deeper, when there is more to say, when there is passion again.

I'm struggling to find my way back to something like childhood with my art, and not finding the road. But I'm enjoying the attempts, and I feel like I will eventually have a breakthrough.

Thanks for coming to visit, and to comment on my latest (the Ancestor).


Mr Lonely said...

that's was a nice art~ thanks for sharing~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love all the living beauty
that flows from your spirit
and out through your hands.
you honor him well:)

Jeannette said...

WOW,Your paintings very beautiful,so colorful and expressive, i love it to much!!
Thanks for sharing to this with us.

Hugs Jeannette

Bevie said...
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Bevie said...

Love your paintings hon, and I too am so grateful for God giving me the passion for creating art. It came at a time when I was floundering after being forced to retire know it was the end of working outside the home...isn't it awesome how God opens new door for those willing to go through? Blessings,

Catharina Engberg said...

Love your post! / Cattis