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Monday, March 18, 2013

IN LOVE ...just in time

So much is happening over here! It's hard to stop and take the time to document the adventure and the PASSION I'm feeling about my art, about my life.
It waned for a while, quite a long scary while. It's hard to write when my soul is dry (sorry). The creative mind seems to take its own vacations. I still try to draw and paint through the hiatus, because it's much like the pounds I gain when I quit working out.
I lose ground if I quit the work.
I make myself draw and seek out inspiration from on-line classes. And always comes back to me. Better.
It shouldn't make a difference, but it is SO VALIDATING when your art sells and my daughter sold SIX, YES SIX canvas giclee prints of the sheep painting (see last post) and sold the one above! (see me happy dance!)  I did manage to sell an 8X10 print of this one (on my own, mind ya)
It is so much easier, for me at least, for someone else to sell my art. Self-promotion is a tough sell for me.
She tells me to just hush and paint and she will keep them from being under my bed or replacing another painting on my wall. I LOVE IT!! I am taking the kid to Paris in September - if she keeps this up, she'll be paying her way in art sales!

I've fallen in love with charcoal and golden gesso. I've fallen in love with messy, and grungie, and scratches and hatches, and shapes and lines, and shadow and light.

Oh, it feels so good to be in love with my art again. It really feels fresh, raw and exciting like the first time- but a deeper, richer passion like what happens with Sweet Farmer and I over and over again. well maybe not just like it.. but you know what i mean..
REally, it's also like a new plane to stand on after a tough climb. REFRESHING.
I n v i g o r a t i n g.

I hope you are in love with someone, something - that makes your heart beat faster today. If not keep climbing, keep working, keep seeking- it's just up ahead... right around the corner.


Md Morgan said...

The love for what you do is in everything I have seen so far. Love it, love it, love it!

Bren said...

You are blessed to have a daughter with that marketing/promotional knack! Self promotion is a tuff one, finding the right audience for what you do a challenge. And you know I love this new place you are in with your art, you've found your stride and people are responding, so happy for you!

Tracy said...

So much here SINGS, Peggy...Your art is outstanding, really it is! The flower still life and the charcoal sketch speak BIG! Glad you're back and loving your own voice again. We have to love ourselves first in order to love back. I was ill for a while, so great to be back online now. I've been adding fiber art to my mix as I've had to slow down a bit. But I'm painting again this week and hope to share more soon. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Jennifer Richardson said...

celebrating with you,
for you,
...and about you!