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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dancing Your Way Out Of A Scary Place

 art Juice for the soul

I'm having so much fun this summer. I'm taking Flora Bowley's on-line workshop and it has sparked a mighty passion for my art again, almost like the first years of discovery.
 Her book inspired the elk painting (post below), but her workshop is even juicier. I worried about the price, but it has been so worth it and we are only half-way through.
Above is just a plastic plate of  palette colors I used. I love the way acrylics look with glaze added to them.

This is another large canvas 36 x 48 -very brave for me as you know I feel safest in my art journal. The bad art voice says "don't work too big. Where are going to hide them if the are really bad? Big paintings take up too much room under the bed. Who wants a really, big, bad painting?"

But Screw that voice!

After layers and layers and marks and variation from cool to warm to neutral and back again, the painting begin to make a turn around from all the chaos. It was a wrestling match in my mind for days to continue on pass the fear, pass the awkward ugly phase, walking out of all comfort zones and just painting- intuitively and trusting. Just trusting.

Once the imagery evolved, it began to be such a joyful journey- you know that zone where you hear only "paint, my love, just paint". Like your inner child has finally emerged and is playing again with colors with no care in the word and no judgement for her art. Present, in the moment, and just pure joy for the color on paper or canvas. And it is in that playful place that we learn so much.
details of larger painting

And thenAnd she danced her way out from under the bed. I danced. 

Geez, why is it so hard to trust and let go? I'm not sure, but I'm going to keep doing it until I hear that intuitive voice again loud and clear because I love the way she talks to me.

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simplyred said...

She does truly dance. She's beautiful and I love her.

Bren said...

This is pure exuberance! Vibrant and something to be very proud of. I'm so glad you found a great fit with Flora's class, that's so key finding the right teacher to help you find your way.

Tracy said...

Hi, again, Peggy! Wow... LOVE your sensual dancing lady! This is wild and free... just love it! As you know I'm taking the Flora course too. Just today I posted some new photos, at both my blogs, and sharing about the experience so far. I am loving the Big themes are freedom, exploration, no right or wrong, and no self-judgement this course encourages. I was getting to a more intuitive place with my art, but this course really gave me the kick in the pants I needed to break free and just let go! We all have such beautiful voices, regardless of medium... I think Flora send a great message for us to keep singing. Like you I was shaky about the price of the course. I saw it as an early 40th birthday gift to self. ;o) And what a gift, no regret, only gain. So glad you shared your experience with us!

Jennifer Richardson said...

screw the voice, indeed!
dancing inside
over this painting
.....I can feel the passion
in your heart
in every brush stroke.