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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Elk on the brain

new painting took to Perculator app and then to Diptic app

It started with a friend and her new cabin in the forest. It's a really lovely place but it needs some art and she suggested that I do an elk painting to hang in her family room.

First, I started drawing elk in my journal. I tried encaustic wax for the first time.

journal page

Played with some photo effects.

perculator app and then Pixlromatic app - love the colors on this one

Then, I tried a big piece of watercolor paper and massive amounts of fluid acrylics.

Not really happy with that (nose all wrong) so I played with more effects, changed the antlers, worked on the nose, still looking for inspiration.

Finally, I painted over it and started a whole new layer. I got a new book from Flora Bowley in the mail and found my inspiration with the prompts she suggested to keep your mind open and responding to your own intuition while you paint, free of the critic's voice.

Artemis' Forest Acrylic on Watercolor paper full sheet

I like it and think I will also enter it in the juried show coming up. The colors are really more vibrant than I could photograph and there are a lot of details that don't show up. It's not really my friend's style so I'll keep painting more elk for awhile and see where this new passion takes me.


Bren said...

I think they all are quite amazing! The final product is well worth the effort and enter that show!

Jennifer Richardson said...

just about lost my breath
for a moment
over the finished one
...."stunning" doesn't do
it justice.
Overwhelmingly beautiful.
nope, that doesn't do it either.
it deserves more
than I have words for.
ever so much thanks
for sharing,

Tracy said...

Hi, Peggy! Many thanks for visiting my art blog (well, mine & my husband's we share it, and it's my second blog ;o) WONDERFUL to meet you and find your creative place here. I so much enjoyed seeing the process of this, and I think your deer has much presence and spirit. Such gentle, yet powerful beauty in this! This is very moving! The end result dazzles... it really does...*sigh*... I look forward to visiting here again. :o)

Shelly Penko said...

Wow, Peggy. I'm impressed with your "sticktoitiveness"! :) You are going down a fabulous path and I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your work! The latest elk is simply amazing!