Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Bird friends of odd chick

chick chat
 I love birds. They are the one consistent symbol in my art and in my life and they share spaces all over my house as well.

odd chick made by Nancy Phillips

this delightful bluebird struts over my stove-top.
odd chick as the original ugly duckling!

The latest and favorite bird painting called, "You Are One Fine Chick". I love to send this card to my girlfriends with this caption on the inside.

And someday I will fly high, over the sky where birds fly over the rainbow.
Until then, odd chick will share her life and art and home and yard with the birds and bird friends.


Bren said...

good to see you out and about in blogger land :-) What a great assortment of feathered friends, wonderful

Kay said...

Love the birds..I have a special feeling for birds too. Spent the morning watching a pair of starlings harass one of the feral kitties...I love the picture of you all in yellow! sweet.

Jennifer Richardson said...

it IS good to see you
with your fine bright feathers
....I do so love
your wings!
thanks for sending a shiver
of bluebird happiness
down my spine
this morning:)