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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Setting goals and Making it happen.

I use to think that my art needed to look like somebody else's art to be real art.

I still love copying well-known artist to see if I can achieve certain effects and I love to wonder as I paint what they were thinking as they made the choices they did.

But then, maybe only this year, I began to accept that my art never looked like their art even if I tried my hardest. That it always had my "look" to it. And so I said to myself, "SO WHAT!"

Now I'm learning to paint and draw the things I like to see and have some compassion for my own art. To let it be what it is. To heck with what others see. It is my intuition or nothing. If my art never makes it then nobody ever connected to what I see and feel on the canvas or the paper but I did, and I matter. But others have connected already. I've recently sold paintings to complete strangers (rather than people who have an emotional connection to me as the artist). Those wonderful buyers connected with nothing more than the image, the art that was my own unique vision. It is very validating and humbling at the same time. And encouraging that I'm on the right track.

I think I will continue to trust my instincts. I've read that it takes 10 years or 10,000 hours to be truly proficient and successful at something. I'm half-way there. I know that in 5 more years, I'm going to be twice as good if I keep studying and practicing my art.
No one but me can hinder my future success as an artist. I have big goals. I want a piece of my art to hang in a museum. I want to win some major art shows. I want to sell paintings on a regular basis. I want to paint until the last day of my life.  I want to make beautiful, interesting, unusual art that makes me excited to share it with the world. Now I've stated it and it's out there. And I'm willing to work for it.
It's mine, people. On my terms.
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Bren said...

Fantastic post, does my heart good to hear you talk with positive conviction about your own art. You go girl, so pleased about those sales, know just how you feel. So here's to art your way (our way!)

Faygie Fellig said...

we all feel the same way. u are a talent within your own right and it takes mant steps to get there...

Poetic Artist said...

I love the confidence..You know where that comes from...
I love you my friend.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I always get excited
when I see that you've posted!
always SOOOOO worth the read!
compassion for your own art
...that wisdom speaks right
to the heart of a struggle
I'm having.
BIG grateful hug for that!
your art is rich and alive
and altogether beautiful.
so glad you share.

Anetka said...

Beautiful paintings Peggy:)

and I am so happy to hear about those sales:)

We should only learn from one another and stop comparing to others. We are all unique as individuals and each of us has our own style. This is what makes our art interesting:)

simplyred said...

"I've read that it takes 10 years or 10,000 hours to be truly proficient and successful at something." Don't believe everything you read. Your art is already proficient and successful and has been for some time. If you were missing anything it was confidence in your own vision. And now that you have that. Enjoy your success!

DJ said... still...listen!
Hear that roar?

It's a gazillion artists everywhere agreeing with you in applause!!!!
Me included!

Love & Laughter,

jinxxxygirl said...

Very inspirational! I'am my own worst critic so thank you for that! Hugs! deb