Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, August 1, 2011


My daughter says, "Why aren't you blogging anymore? People are asking me why you're not posting much."
What can I say?
I got a new IPAD 2. OMG. For a  research- reading- art browsing- nerd-odd chick,  - it is awesome.

AND I'm obsessing over my trip to ITALY in October!!  I've ordered maps of each place I'm visiting. I'm learning Italian (on my IPAD). I'm reading ITALIAN history (ask me anything about the Medici or Borgias'). I am so beating Sweet Farmer in Jeopardy (on my IPAD) on anything relating to Rome or art!

I am loving perusing Italian art and architecture and looking up artist's bios.
I could bore you to DEATH with ITalianssimo !!

Still drawing in my journal. I guess I was feeling a little spacey on this day?

And girls with studs in the eyebrows. I think I had a wild hair that day.

I love creating girls from my own mood and imagination.

You might think I've been a boring blogger lately but I have not been bored- at least in my head.

That colorful playground of my own mind has been extremely active.  I forget how to share that sometimes and not even sure I should.

But this is an odd chick's blog. I guess you wouldn't come here unless you're curious, odd and slightly nerdy yourself.

My Italian inspired painting: Passion/Compassion got juried into the Roswell ART show in August! WOOP WOOP


Jennifer Richardson said...

Bravo to you for following your
passionate heart all the way to
Italy....and to all the other yummy
places it takes you!
(this odd chick really digs that:))
I love your compassion painting
and so glad you're putting it out
Feeling dreamy about Italy
on your behalf
and sending big whooshes of
thrill-over-the-journey grace:)
P.S. I MOVED! Come see when you can!

WrightStuff said...

Congratulations!!! What great news to share.

Well, I love everything Italian too - my boyfriend has Italian blood too as an extra bonus :)

Bren said...

Congrats on making it into the art show, way to go! And I don't blame you for being totally taken up with your trip to Italy this fall. This kind of thing doesn't happen everyday so you go right ahead and savour and plan and dream. Just remember to return to blogland and show/tell us all about it :-)

Buffy said...

How exciting about your art show and italy trip! I would be busy learning everything about italy too if I was going. Love all your journal pages,and the bottom piece is just Gorgeous! Congrats!

jgr said...

I hope you have a GREAT trip to Italy! Your portraits are so beautiful, I especially like the second one, she is very unique. Thank you for your comment, it's nice to be 'connected'.

Steve Emery said...

Congrats on the juried show! A year ago I wonder if you would have thought to submit a piece... or that you would have one ready to submit (and get in) this year. It's so cool to watch the change and growth.

I am so happy you are going to get to Italy, and that you are making that experience all the richer for your dreaming, learning, and researching now. And don't worry about blogging often enough - we'll keep watching for entries, whenever they show up...