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Monday, July 18, 2011

A little tour of our art museum.

That's me making paper. I spent all last week at a paper-making class. I've mentioned before that Roswell has a world class museum. They also have an education section funded by a trust left from a Ms. Bassett who loved art. I can take a class for 5 days for $65.00 from a professional art instructor! AMAZING!
We made paper from dead iris leaves, okra slime and alfalfa powder! I'm always highly experimental in class as I figure I can do the basic stuff at home without instruction.

But I'll take you on a short tour of our museum that I took after class.

I got to see an exhibition of Peter Roger's. I could just stand in front of these huge canvases all day long.
Right click to see a bigger image.

Ram's Skull With Brown Leaves
 Yes! That is an original Georgia O'Keefe. 
Quincy Tahoma

Bruce Stark Lowney  "Hermitage"

Luis Jimenez

Fresco on Masonite by Agnes Smith

I'm totally into frescoes right now!
If you ever come through Roswell, skip the alien stuff and check out our art museum. 


Jennifer Richardson said...

That is SO cool
and you are beautiful
elbow deep in okra slime
and iris petals!
Fascinating stuff
...sounds like an amazing
way to summer along:)

*jean* said...

wonderful! thanks for sharing!

Poetic Artist said...

Dont you just love to make paper.
I have a friend who makes all kind of things out of weeds and she lets me come over to play..
I hope you and your family your crops are doing good.

Linda said...

how cool is this...and you can bet that i will skip all those fab UFO museums i was lusting after, and see the REAL museums! :) xox

ooglebloops said...

Interesting ingredients in the paper - and a great price for the class!! thanks for the museum tour!!!

Diane said...

This is very very cool--I Love art museums. And I also would love to take a class like this.

Steve Emery said...

Wow - who would have thought that okra slime could be a paper ingredient!??? Not me, that's for sure.

I really enjoyed the tour of your museum. The Peter Rogers paintings are wonderful - I think I like the first one best. Beautiful forms, unity of color, and emotions. How big are these?

The Georgia O'Keefe is in the series with bones and leaves, painted with astonishing hyper-real qualities, that includes one in the Art Institute in Chicago. I would love to see another one (like that one) in person.

I also particularly liked Hermitage. Mountain and house are one.

Odd Chick said...

The Peter Roger's canvas' are probably 4X6 Foot and 5 X 7 foot canvases. The ones you like Steve are called the Quest and he did a whole series of them. I couldn't show everyone.