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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

They Carry The Sky On Their Backs....

acrylic on plaster

I am really loving getting plastered with Judy Wise and Stephanie Lee. This on-line workshop has been well worth the fee as I have never seen so many techniques and videos offered so concisely, with full on-line support and every question answered. They will come out with an e-book soon and I highly recommend it if you love working with interesting textures and need new techniques to shake you up a bit and get the imagination flowing. There are so many things left to be explored in this area and they bust it wide open for you. We get nothing for promoting this class and I say that so that you know that this recommendation is from a really good personal experience with the class.

Apart from that I have been a little discouraged with my own progress which always come along with learning something new. It is like struggling with a big sumo/gremlin for the right to paint your own art - exhausting. He finally lets me paint it but he won't give me the finesse to truly finish well. I muddy my paint, I struggle with design and composition. I paint on. BUT

Sometimes I just want to slap that big ole art bully.


Bren said...

It's wonderful to see what you have been learning, love the way you use colour in your pieces. I've been having a go around with the art bully myself, but I think I might have laid a thrashing on him this time :-)

Steve Emery said...

Technique comes with time... but the originality of your ideas is what you can't imitate or buy with practice. That you have already.

This course seems to have popped you into new subject matter and more complex compositions. That's great.

Remember - it's play, and the paintings are the footprints left after all the dancing around.

Judy Wise said...

thank you so much for your kind comments about the class. what i see are happy ducks splashing around in the water making very original work in ways they had not dreamed of previously. it's thrilling when many new doors open that take us into the unknown.


simplyred said...

Judging from the picture you posted, you've not only slapped the art bully but have also delivered him a knockout punch. You are definitely winning. Glad to see you getting plastered (yeah, I caught your play on words!). Sometimes learning new things is frustrating, things just won't do exactly as you like, but you learn a lot from your mistakes and sometimes they turn out to be happy mistakes and just as much fun (can you say "gold border"?)! And then one day you realize that you get it, you really do get it and beautiful things start flowing easily again.

Relax and just enjoy the process.

Gypsy Gold Studio

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, inspires the soul!
So much going on!

Ginny Diezel said...

I love this piece! We've experienced so very much in class, and it looks to me as though you are using it all magnificently!

Jennifer Richardson said...

love how fierce you and Bren
are with the art bully
...thrashing and pummeling
and stomping your bravehearts
right on through to the
other side.
Breakthrough looks beautiful
on you!
Love what you're doing.
Fierce. Just fierce.

Diane said...

..and don't we all--but keep going with your art--look how far you've come in the last year--just keep exploring, and thanks so much for the info aboout the e book. I don't have time for the class right now, but I would love to learn these techniques later.

Buffy said...

Love this piece! Its beautiful. Now you made me wish I had taken the class,just so busy right now. But thanks for the info about the e-book.

rebecca said...

how lovely to have shared this class together.
i love your art work.
let's never stop!