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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Flying High!

I'm flying high over here and having a great summer!

playing in the irrigated pecan orchard
I've had my grandsons this week and they are getting so big and learning to do so much more around the farm.

of course there is still time to sit around in the grass and just visit
The Three Muses on plaster   (click on image for more detail)
I'm enjoying my plaster class in short breaks. I drew this a little too quickly (stealing short burst of time from the boys). Some of you may remember when I drew it in my journal. This is a piece that I plastered on burlap and then cracked and tried to make a pseudo-fresco look. A little rough today but fun, fun stuff. I love the coolness of the drying plaster, the way you can sand away for different textures and the way plaster soaks of your paint.


Poetic Artist said...

Looks like fun in the water sliding around. I do not see you out there.LOL.. I love the look of the plaster..
I hope you guys have a blessed summer crop.

Bren said...

Well darn I'm impressed, love the look of this, all those wonderful cracks. Great stuff. And oh those guys look like they are having a blast.

simplyred said...

Sounds like fun is being had by everyone! I would love to play in the water myself!

And your plaster fresco is very, very cool! No wonder you are enjoying it! It's always fun to play with new techniques.

Gypsy Gold Studio

Jennifer Richardson said...

The sounds of your summer
are music to my ears the aliveness
of your farm
and your heart
and your art!
I'm always richer
when I come around:)
Beautiful share....thanks.

Steve Emery said...

I love the way this looks like something an artist might have painted on the walls of Pompeii. Style, handling of the eyes, the hair, the profiles... And you managed to make it look hundreds of years old.

And such an appropriate subject...

Pamela Holderman said...

Hi to you too. I love those muses. I think the cracking plaster on burlap is my favorite by far. I worked on one yesterday so almost done. Really enjoying the class. Yes I have a blog which should pop up here. bye for now...

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Hi gorgeous girl, so glad you are enjoying summer - just popping by to say a big helloooooo. lots of love.

Louise xxx
(p.s. im signed into blogger, but am now at