Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Passion/ The Compassion

passio  /  cum passio

I get  a descent rough sketch done and then I began, what for me is initially, the tortuous desire to paint what is in my mind's eye, my vision. This is when my passion for art makes me feel helpless, dizzy, disoriented. It's what makes my heart wildly beat , the unquenchable desire to achieve something higher than my current skill level. This is when I ask, no I beg, for divine assistance.. FOR Something transcendant, something beyond myself. Something in collaboration with the One who created the first art- and the passion that requires all or nothing of myself.. I am not enough without His touch in my art, in my life.

But, there is no guarantee of a safe landing. The root word for passion (passio) actually means suffering/endurance. The struggle to release, unveil, bring forth that unseen vision, only known to that place beyond the back of my own eye-lids, my heart space. The "ME + HIM'' work, the art that only WE can create, today, somehow, someway. The struggle is exquisite and scary. I give up the fight in trade for the miracle moments, the divine appointment, to share in something brand NEW, created from nothing. The work I want see and enjoy in art, the work He is just waiting to see from me. The passion / the compassion -it's all there.

No one has to like it. You just have to do it. YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Right or rough, where you are NOW. We do what we can, and give what we have. In the end it is just between you and Him anyway.

 Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task. the rest is the madness of art. - Dana Gioia


Jennifer Richardson said...

oh friend,
I'm FEELING this in every molecule
of me!!!
oh yes oh yes oh yes.
Your words painted such a wealth
and I needed it just this moment.
Thank you!
Thank you for "going there"
and bringing this back:)

Poetic Artist said...

Oh My Friend this is wonderful..Yes and your words are so true..God just knows what we need..It is so amazing....Touch my heart and my soul.

simplyred said...

The ability to translate what's in my mind's eye to what actually appears on canvas is one of the hardest parts of art. And something I don't often achieve.

Buffy said...

Beautiful sketch,and beautiful and TRUE words.

Steve Emery said...

Well put, sister. It's channeled through us, and carries much of us and (hopefully) much of Him through to the result. Lately, for me, the doing is more important than the result - even as the result is the goal. It's odd, freeing and binding both at once. Like His yoke.