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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspiration Must Find You Working

This is the only big painting I've done in a long time. Art is still such a joy to me but I've gotten a little stagnant and need to mix up things up a bit. I'm so excited about this book  and this class. I think it will teach me a alot about texture and faux frescoes and sculptures and add a new dimension to my art. Plus, on-line classes really work for me right now in the middle of farm season.

I did get to take a trip to our cabin in Cloudcroft. We saw agave's blooming everywhere as we headed up the mountain. Cloudcroft is at 9,000 elevation and stays wonderfully cool day and night - a quaint little mountain town with my favorite things: fresh bakeries, artists, hummingbirds, forest land, and fresh mountain air.
We went to an artisan's craft fair while we were there and I was totally enchanted with these paper-mache sculptures and visited with the artist- Sarena Mann. Click on the photo to enlarge and see the amazing detail of every little piece.

So like Picasso says: "Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working."

Don't give up on my sparse posting. I will get rolling again soon!

Speaking of rolling... this is my son, Tucker, memorizing Psalms. He has 5 down so far but wants to memorize all of them. He inspires me too!


Jennifer Richardson said...

Your posts are well
worth the wait:)
Love where inspiration
is finding you!

Gloria said...

Love those paper mache dolls. Wish I knew how to make the. Nice post. Have a great rest of the week.

Buffy said...

She's a beauty! And that class does look like fun,I'm thinking about it. LOL

Bren said...

your going to have to let us know how the class is going. I'm anxious to see what new avenues it will take your art into

Vikki North said...

Great post and I love the little mobile sculpture. How clever is she?
BTW- Cute son and good for him. Memorizing all of Psalms is quite the undertaking.

simplyred said...

Those paper mache dolls flying around are really cool! Wouldn't they be fun to have flying around watching me create.

You will have a great time with the class. I can't imagine trying to take an art class on-line but it's an interesting option that I might have to try. Be sure to post some of your work as you go along.

Steve Emery said...

I wonder how Tucker will handle Psalm 119...

And I love the Picasoo quote - it is so true.