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Thursday, December 16, 2010

This will probably be my last post of 2010 as I'm taking a slight vacation from all things computer.
I thought I would take you on a tour of my home and show you how Sweet Farmer and I decorate for Christmas in New Mexico. Nothing elaborate, just simple and fun family stuff. 

Penguin family in a winter wonderfland on top of entertainment center.
 I just want to thank everyone who has stopped by my blog and commented throughout the year. I can't even express what your encouragement has meant to me as far as furthering my art exploration. You all continue to astound and amaze me with your own creativity. Your blogs fill such a great need in me - to renew my spirit with the beauty that I hunger for from art and creative hands.
This is a favorite wall quilt I made several years ago.

This beauty is a intricate cross-stitch that my mom did for Sweet Farmer and I.

This is a scherenschnitte which was a passion of mine several years back. I never got really good at it but I love the simplicity of this one anyway.

This folk art snowman sits on my piano along with my favorite old photograph of my two children when they were very little.

I truly wish for each of you a wonderful holiday season -safe and blessed
and a fresh spirit of JOY
to take you into the New Year.
Remember to LOVE beyond yourself, even beyond anyone or anything brought into your life that is breaking you. We may never be able to change our circumstances or the people who have wounded or crushed us but we always touch the heart of God when we show MERCY,
act justly and walk humbly. (Micah 6:8)
Until next year my friends....


WrightStuff said...

Warmest wishes to you too. It has been a pleasure discovering both you and your art through your blog. Merry Christmas!

Carolyn said...

Have a blessed Christmas! Your home looks lovely and full of love. Your art continues to inspire me...and I look forward to seeing one of your pieces of art in my home on my wall. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Poetic Artist said...

Thanks for sharing your home and thoughts..Christmas Blessings my friend to you and your family.

Bren said...

Have a memorable and laughter filled holiday! It's been a joy getting to know you and wishing you many blessings for the New Year as well.

Beth Nicholls said...

Thank YOU for all you have shared this past year. What sweet decorations you have put up - I am sure it will be a warm and cost festive season in your household! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a magical 2011

Kay said...

Have a wonderful holiday

Jennifer Richardson said...

What a beautiful benediction
for a year well lived.
You've inspired me
more than you can imagine
and I'm grateful to the bone
for the colors of your life.
Thanks for all of your
nourishing posts.
Merry Christmas love,

Pearl said...

Merry Christmas!