Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Wildest Dreams

There is not much time for long sketches and drawings or paintings but my art journal is always handy for lap painting and dreaming. Though this piece is small, it is greatly symbolic to me in my heart of hearts.
In my wildest dreams:
   * I wanted a great love and a best friend 
   * I wanted a beautiful, loving family - children & grandchildren
   * I wanted a strong body and a curious mind
   * I wanted a home on a hill, where I could watch trees grow and have flower beds that came up from my own planted seeds, that I could lovingly decorate with holiday decorations and invite friends and family to enjoy
   * I wanted a work that I enjoyed and looked forward to when I woke up in the morning
    * I wanted a real and living faith
    * I wanted many dear friends that laugh with you and cry with you
   * I wanted to create art and paintings that would add beauty to my home and to the hearts of others
   * I wanted to travel

All this has ALL come true for me. It makes me cry to realize it. Should I dream wilder dreams when all my dreams have come true? Should I hold on tight to this season of realized dreams and hopes? Should I feel guilt for those who haven't reached their dreams?
  I am content. Truly. In this place. In this time.
 And no matter what happens in my life in the years to come- I can always tell myself to be gracious and grateful  in what ever valley is ahead because there were years I lived my own wildest dreams.


Jennifer Richardson said...

Wildly beautiful, this post:)
Makes my heart sing
right along with yours.
I can just see you in your
house on a hill
with so many dreams in full bloom.
I think, keep dreaming.
Just like we plant new seeds
for the new season
while the early crop still thrives.
I hope for you
decades of living dreams
coming true:)

Nancy said...

Your happy heart comes shining through every word and it blesses all who read.....Please don't feel guilty others time is just not right now....
And yes keep dreaming...I think we were made that way to keep reaching beyond ourselves for new experiences and new insights.....but I am so glad you are so thankful for your blessed state......thankful hearts open more doors......

So glad you shared this with us; my heart was singing as I was reading......

Hugs and blessings

raena said...

Wonderful post! Love the journal spread and the sentiments!

Sixpence and a Blue Moon said...

WOW! Beautiful post!~ I don't think you could have any greater dreams...come true.

Buffy said...

Such a beautiful post and beautiful journal page. And you made me think of my dreams as alittle girl and made me realize my dreams came true too. Thanks for sharing.

Diane said...

I love dreams, and I say never stop--because you can make them come true. I'm so happy for you, and glad that your living your dream!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Goes to prove that we can create our own wild dreams if we've a mind to. One key for me has to be keep those dreams humble. :-)

Thanks for writing this.


Odd Chick said...

ouch. a little. reading again it does seem easy to take this posting as showcasing. But it is not that I haven't had disspointments, failures and heartbreaks in my life. I just realized that some of my most basic dreams as a young girl had come true at this time in my life and I wanted to acknowledge those and maybe allow others a chance to realize that their own simplest, honest dreams had come true also.

Terri said...

hi peggy,
this is rich, and a blessing~

thank you for visiting my blog and the kind words you left. you mentioned your friend in mesa. would you mind contacting me via email. you may be able to answer a question for me. it's in regard to the center you mentioned.

Bren said...

This is such an encouraging post, your joy just vibrates and I feel it too. It's really quite a moment to be able to realize that your hearts greatest dreams have come true. Something to celebrate and I'm doing the happy dance right along with you :-)

Steve Emery said...

Very well put! And wondrous that it's true.

Best of all, it's great that you know this. I think that's the real secret.