Passions of an Odd Chick

Monday, September 20, 2010

Slightly Twisted, Ever So Fun Stuff

We don't call me Odd Chick for nothin'. And this new passion has hit me like a chun~kin pumpkin.
Glad I'm Crazy...sometimes.
I have a method to my madness. Nearly everyone of my portrait drawing books, and many art students I've talked to say you must start with the skeleton, with the skull to draw a good portrait. It has been excellent practice for me to stare at skulls and skeletons to understand bone structure underneath.

No. 16 She Speaks For Herself
This Day of the Dead stuff came right at the perfect time because I was losing momentum on my 20 faces. And I love this fantasy face work with a twist. Everyone knows I have a few kinks in me. I channel (slightly kidding) my favorite muse, the Crazy Consuela, my daughter's free and wild and lovely spirit. 
I am loving these 5X5 gallery wrapped canvases. I had heard other art bloggers bragging about them, but I just now got it! They are so fun.
Live Like You're Dyin'
check out this 3-D stuff I tried.

right side of canvas

Who said "Everyone should retain a little madness"? It's so freeing to let that twisted sister out to paint.


Bren said...

golly girl you are turning up the heat! Talk about productive. These are fun with lots of colour and softness to take the edge off the edgy :-)

Bren said...

PS: I've been meaning to ask what did you think of the book Art Marketing 101? I know Kelly Rae's ebooks look excellent but thought I'd start with something a little less costly :-)

Bren said...

Thanks Chickie appreciate the help and Kelly speaks my language too :-)

ooglebloops said...

ove the wrapped canvas. You are definitely ready for Halloween also!!

Buffy said...

Very cool! Love number 16 and also live like you were dying. I like how you went around on the sides of the canvas. You are on a roll.

Rebecca Anthony said...

OMG these are SO October! I love them all(O:

Caio Fern said...

your work is very impressive . I like this all a lot .

It is very nice to meet you .

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Love this!!!! My son and I loved your girl with the stitches! Thanks for coming by. From one odd chick to another, keep smiling. Blessings, Amy

DJ said...

It's your canvas; have fun, kid!
Whee ~
Love & Laughter,

shazartist said...

I just popped back sure have some wild moments with the canvas...looks like you are having way too much fun...some great work..
I am back into the painting doldrums....I obviously need some wild ideas like the skeleton idea..

Steve Emery said...

While this is not my kind of subject matter... I really like how loose and creative it's making you. Definitely working for you. I love the purple face, in particular (with the rose). Very different - unique.

As is Crazy Consuelo in a later post...

I'll be away from the blog world for a little (a few weeks), but I'll be back to see what you are up to.