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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall feelings on the Farm.

You might be tired of seeing portraits and drawings over here although you have been such great friends to stay with me through my commitment of making 20. I have a good drawing in the works, (no. 14) so I hope to show it soon. In the meantime, I wanted to show you what Fall is looking like on Krantz Farms.
We are already having some cool fronts come through and AND we have a big, glorious pumpkin patch right outside my front windows so FALL is right here in my face already!
They are cutting our field corn down as I type. And we have had many, many friends come and pick their share of sweet corn. ( Sweet Farmer and I put up 50 freezer quart bags!).
I wish, wish you were here to pick yourself some pumpkins for your own front porch.

Sweet Farmer plants plenty for all our friends and even groups, like next week a team of physically challenged people will come and pick their own pumpkin and some small children from a Sunday school group are coming out too! That's the best part about living on a farm and sharing what we grow and nurture until it's ripe and ready for harvest.
my favorite candle stiks
I'm glad you stopped by to visit. I can't wait to see what you will do with your front porch for Fall.


Buffy said...

Now you got me in the mood to decorate my house for fall. I love your big pumpkins,thats so nice that you share them with so many people. We have been trying to grow a pumpkin patch for years,this year was the first time that we got one pumpkin the size of a deflated basketball and then it started to deflate even more until it was mush. I think its to hot down here.Maybe next year!

Laura said...

Wow...woke up this morning to the 40's and your beautiful fall pics! No more swimming for me, I guess! Wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and the best compliment ever on my painting. I have enjoyed your "She Speaks for Herself" series. Very impressive to set up and continue through a series of 20 on that theme. But I've enjoyed the progress you've made with each! Now back to my studio cleaning, so I can get back to painting.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness they are the most amazing pumpkins I have ever seen. Imagine how big they'd be if they kept growing until Hallowe'en!

Carolyn said...

Fall! There is just a different aroma in fall..I love it! Your pumpkins are gorgeous - thank you for sharing your bounty with others! Your front door looks like harvest time - beautiful! I love the 4 seasons...we used to winter in Florida and summer in Minnesota and visit our children enroute. But we decided we'd rather be closer to them and tolerate the extremes of winter and summer. The four seasons and grandkids make it wonderful - of course our kids are great too! Happy Fall! Let's get it going! And tell all the "girls" we're waiting, patiently!

Judie said...

Where did you find those candlesticks? They are fabulous!

Nancy said...

Thanks so much for the peek around your farm...those pumpkins are huge...and you make me want to start fall decorating......

I can tell you and sweet hubby are very generous souls...bless you for that trait.....

Poetic Artist said...

Wow fall in your area..I wish I could feel some of the cool air.
Pumpkins look wonderful..Front door, I think I forgot I have a front door.. LOL..
We are still hot and humid here.
Hope all is good.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Those bright orange pumpkins
and leggy candles...I can almost
smell the caramel apple pie!
Still wallowing in Indian summer
Makes me giddy to think about
the crisp cooler days to come:)

scribbler said...

We just bought our first halloween decorations of the season. We get something new every year. It's still warm here but getting cooler at night, which makes for good sleeping.

I am soooo enjoying your blog and the portraits especially. dana