Passions of an Odd Chick

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slippery Slope

the slippery slope.
you know the one.....

The one that let slips one little tight word of anger and out pours the resentment in the caged heart.

The one that takes in too much poison in the body, food or drink, and months later cringes at the collateral damage in the mirror.

The one that quits taking risk and scaring one self a little and finds itself in the padded & bored.

The one that lets a friend, any special someone, slip away and then waits so long... too long.

The one that lets a thank -you note pass.... until the giver of good gifts is thankless.

The one that forgets kindness and generosity toward its mate one too many times.

The one that lets time slip away-

The one that lets creativity slip away-

The one that lets dreams slip away-

The one that lets YOU slip, slip, slide.... away.

-peggy krantz

art: ink & watercolor


Louise Gale said...

Hi honey....oh my, I have many of those slippery slopes, thanks for reminding us to take a step back and reflect a little. xx

Poetic Artist said...

You really gave me a hit with this post. I am on a slippery slope now.
Take care,

Kolleen said...

hmmmm.....lots of food for thought in this post.

thank you for the reminder....a few steps back and a big breath!!!


DJ said...

Excellent post!
I need to print this out and put it in a prominent place...
Life is too short.

Here's to you, Odd Chick. You're awesome.

simplyred said...

Whoa! Beautiful, thought-provoking words with sharp-edged thought-provoking art work. I really love this.


danielle said...

You are one PASSIONATE woman. I can feel it as I read your words. What you say is SO TRUE...we ALL need to be reminded of this. Thank-you sweet lady...You should add wise to that title of yours...xoxo Passions of an Odd WISE Chick)

joven said...

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Steve Emery said...

This was timely for me...

And I love that image. Like something Paul Klee would do.