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Friday, June 25, 2010

New Ways To Enjoy Your Favorite Art Pieces

I've been having some fun over here by taking some of my favorite art pieces and making them into little glass pendant necklaces that I can wear with my t-shirts or give as gifts.

This is certainly not a new thing but it was the first time I've tried it. It might be new to you also

so here are the links that were very helpful in getting me started:

If you're like me and live out in the middle of nowhere, you can buy your supplies from this excellent on-line merchant, Annie Howes ,who sends them very quickly and sends good quality materials.

The cable necklaces or cord necklaces and can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or I like the ones with the magnetic clasp. They are also pretty on unique silk ribbon cords. Shop around because they really vary in prices.

I can just imagine some of the beautiful jewelry my blogger friends can make with their fantabulous images and then share them with their friends and family.
I also have a new art journal (moleskin) and I decorated the cover with some molding paste and paint.

It's the 7th for me, but a new one always feel like a fresh start. It holds the hope of my new art, my improved art and my own art signature upon the universe. I often imagine that a great-great-granddaughter will open them up and they will be like a treasure chest of inspiration for her own passions someday....
If you some ideas and better links about these projects please share them in your comments for myself and others who might be interested.


Anonymous said...

Loving those pendants - gorgeous! And I love the cable necklace too!♥

Carol Anne Strange said...

These are gorgeous, Chick. x

ooglebloops said...

Necklaces are gorgeous - I will check out your links!! Thanks!!! Love what you did to your moleskine also.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Oh what fun soldered charms!!! This has been on my "want to do list" for sometime, and know you've given me a new idea of sharing them with my friends and family ~~ gotta get busy with these soon!

Love, love, LOVE your moleskine cover!!! Very dreamy colors and I love the texture. I can imagine a great-great-grandaughter will be thrilled when she discovers these journaling treasures, ;).

It's always fun visiting your "porch" here. Happy Weekend, Chickie!

DJ said...

Hey, girlfriend, I've been wanting to do this!
Thanks so much for the're awesome.

NatashaMay said...

Pendants are gorgeous! Thanks for the link. :)

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Winiza Tauqeer said...

Gorgeous neck less....
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willowing said...

thanks for linking to my blog!! :)) xoox

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thanks for the tip about those art pendants. It's a very creative idea.

Litasteve said...

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