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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sacred Moments Meets Real Life DO-DO

Little did I know that once I actually applied the concepts of my last post , Chaos to Colorful, to real life that it would be such a wrenching experience. You see, I thought by letting something come forward, come to life, by taking a chaotic experience and seeing the beauty in it- that it would be some sacred experiment..a peaceful, beautiful thing. But instead, the experience ended up being me and Sweet Farmer cleaning out the garage. UGH.

Now there was more than chaos out there. There was my stuff and his "crap" as we fondly call the other's saved treasures. We have two, completely different organizational approaches. Of course, we tried to impress our own upon the other and there was not much giving in either way. We argued which is rare, honestly. It wasn't pretty or peaceful. It was hot. It was dirty - downright nasty in places. You gotta be asking, "why do you do these projects in the middle of summer???"
But we didn't walk away from it. And we kept talking it through.

And you know what? We did it. And it really looks great. Sweet Farmer isn't finished with his stuff yet (because his organizational approach includes not handling the worst stuff first, shuffling the stuff back and forth before putting it up, a more relaxed (translated sloooower)approach... need I say more).

All sarcasm aside (it's never helpful, by the way). Actually, he bought some shelves and put them together and arranged them and without that "big picture" detail- nothing would have happened to improve the whole situation. Something great came out of something very messy and dirty and miserable. We actually worked as a team to organize which may be a first! I saw real progress that went deeper than just a clean garage.
So be careful about applying your art concepts to real life. Sometimes it can get very REAL.
And the sacred moments can be drenched in sweat and dirt and tears.


ooglebloops said...

We have the same garage issues here - his crap, er, valuable stuff takes up the better part of a 3 car garage- mine, less than 1/3. And we have shelves and bins and storage!!! Our garage will never see a car- glad you made some progress!!!I can sooo relate!

Terri Sproul said...

Thanks for stop by my blog today. best of luck in winning! hope you stop by more!
ttfn and Hugs

Jan said...

Love you art and I like to make my own beeswax lip balm, too!
Thanks for hopping over to my blog and leaving a sweet comment! Good luck with the give away!!

Poetic Artist said...

Gargage fun..At least you got it done and you guys are still speaking. LoL... You are so lucky to have Sweet farmer.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Ahhh, the feeling of real accomplishment...after getting down and dirty in the mess ~~ I know it well. And, much like you and Sweet Farmer, my DH and I have totally different "styles" of this process, lol. I usually get totally frustrated with his "style" and leave him to go at his own pace, and come back . . . alone . . . to complete my portion of the task. I haveta admire your ability to work along with him! BTW, LOVE your little birdies ~~ they are SO cute!

simplyred said...

Saint Gene and I have totally different styles. He has a "throw it all away" approach and I'm more of a "keep it, we might use it later" kind of gal. He throws away the very thing I need the next day and I keep things never get looked at again. But we manage to make it through.

Great blog post today (as always).


aspecialjourneyofmyown said...

Hi Peggy

Greece was wonderful - photos up on the blog now. The brand new sparkling Acropolis Museum has just opened in Athens. You would absolutely love it. Full of ancient pottery finds with delicate drawings on, sculpted pieces from the Acropolis itself, and a look down through the glass floor into the old city they are currently excavating.

When you come to London you must visit the British Museum. It's free, and it's amazing - thousands of years' of art from many cultures all laid out for you to feast your eyes on


danielle said...

This post made me smile! It is hard enough to accomplish this task alone, never mind with your significant other! BRAVO to you for going through it and getting to the bottom of it. It's all the small things that make a BIG difference! You are a wise teacher Peggy! xo

scribbler said...

Just found you. Love your blog. Congrats on the garage.

scribbler said...
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chrissy said...

that was a great post!
i loved it. i loved how it was the garage of all things.
i am afraid to even go into my a danger zone.
thank you for all the loving comments you always leave for me my dear. i love you and they always make me smile.
give jolie my love.

DJ said...

LOVE this post. The truth isn't always pretty and clean, but when you deal with it, life gets better.

And, I bet you both slept great that night.

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