Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Working My Way Into a Funk

Today was my first day off in a long time. I was so hungry for my art. Admittedly, she looks a little too thoughtful, like she's very weary in her soul. And she is.

Well, it's her own fault.

I get very involved in my work on the farm. I get up really early and get out in the fields and in whatever machine is serviced first, and then I am driven like the machine by some demon child within to work until I am completely exhausted. Sweet Farmer tries to get me to come in but I want to do one more thing.. one more row...and then, maybe one more. It's like I'm trying to break some kind of record. I won't quit for lunch or socialize with the other farmers like my Sweet Farmer who is not wound as tight as I, thank goodness. I just go further into this dark cave of intensity until splatttt- I can't go any further. I swear I'm not going to do it the next day and I do.

I'm too keyed up to go to sleep very well or very long. I hate to take sleeping pills because of the after-effects.

It's only later that I realize how very isolating and lonely, and hard on my psyche it is to work like that, not to mention the tole it takes on my body.

And then, Sweet Farmer says I'm too far ahead of everybody and I have to wait a few days for things to balance out.

And then, he takes me out to eat for a nice lunch. We visit and talk to other friends. I create some new art. I look at your art on the blogs, and soon beauty is again restored to my soul and I re-set and begin to feel refreshed.

I have this cute little ditty in my office to remind me when I'm paying a price for my passionate nature, when that bulldog tenacity isn't serving me well:

If your nose is down to the grindstone rough,

And you hold it down there long enough,

Soon you will say there is no such thing

As brooks that babble and birds that sing.

Three things will all your world compose:

Just you,

the grindstone,

and your darned old nose. - unknown
Now if I can just remember this tomorrow.


Steve Emery said...

Oh doesn't this all sound too familiar - only it's software and management instead of farming. So I don't get as physically worn out, but I don't get the benefit of sunshine...

Glad you got to create a little - pensive or not.

Kay said...

I found your post wonderful..good you know about your nose and occasionally come up for air before you lose it altogether!

linda said...

i think she's beautiful as is the artist, driven, driving or otherwise, who created her....♥

Karin Bartimole said...

That is a great little poem, and I really hope you do listen to your own wisdom, because it seems it's exactly when we tell people "I know I should be slowing down" that if we don't the universe supplies us with the opportunity - like in the form of an accident, or catching the next flu bug that passes by... It's so much better to slow down by choice than by unpleasant circumstances, dontcha think?!
I really like your painting - her expression is pensive. I love the muted tones. To me there is a quiet calm - a prayerfulness. It's really quite beautiful.

Poetic Artist said...

You must slow down before you loose that nose..I know I am no farmer but I know how it is taking care of my Mom, It is go,go and go.
Then step back and go again.
I love the art. I am proud to say I have a friend who is a farmer and a wonderful artist.
Take care.

NatashaMay said...

Balance is the key. :)Love your new art piece.

Anonymous said...

Ah Peggy, I think it is all just a great and cunning plan to get those studio days you need every now and then. Would love to join you in the heavy machinery cab and trundle through those beautiful fields

Diane said...

Yes, balance is the key! Be good to yourself, and I adore your art piece!

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

I love your blog. I love all the nuggets of wisdom and the beauty I find here every time I come to visit.

It's tricky finding our rhythm.

Louise Gale said...

Honey I think we are all a bit like that, we are determined to do the job until its done! Someone once said to me. "Dont sweat it, it'll all be there tomorrow!" which made me anxious at first then not! I love seeing the photos of where you are working and your art you are creating.... i can just see you now driving the tractor and thinking of you next big masterpiece. :-)

Kimmie said...

I love that quote :)
maybe it's your fancy new gps thingy on your tractor :)
I'm glad for you that you have laid back sweet farmer in your life :)

Karin said...

Isn't it nice when the good Lord puts us together with spouses who balance us out? Passion is a good thing...we just need to add a bit of balance. Your art is lovely and such a great way of rejuvinating the soul!

DJ said...

Your portrait is stunning.
I hope you'll frame it and share it with others!
I was sick for several weeks in April when work-stress weakened my immune system, so please do take care of yourself...

Jeanne Nelson said...

Love your blog, inspiring art and words! Your painting is beautiful ~~ she appears so soft and contemplative. Yes, balance! do we obtain it when we have such passion? If you find the answer, please share, k? In the interim, please take care of yourself, and your artful soul, chickie! Hugs ~~ Jeanne

Karin said...

J - it's a constant struggle!