Passions of an Odd Chick

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Planting Seeds and Planting Ideas

This is Sweet Farmer bringing the planter to me so that we can tag team and plant corn every daylight hour.
This is me (Odd Chick), checking the seed boxes to see how long I can run before I call our service guys to help fill me up again. This is the John Deere tractor I drive with no hands! A GPS system guides my tractor around the field until I get to the end and then I manually turn it around, reset the seed boxes and let the tractor drive itself to the end of the next row. Amazing, huh??

This is how our May has gone. I have done some drawing but no painting, but I've had lots of time for imagining. Someday, you'll see the new things I have been planting in the fertile soil of my mind's eye while I'm planting corn. Either way, I'm creating and that makes me happy.

What are you planting these days?


Kimmie said...

GPS would be my best friend if I had it .... for now I rely on google maps to get me where I need to go .... it must be kind of eerie to drive a tractor with no hands :)

Your sketched faces are very lovely and dreamy ..... they could drive tractors with no hands too .... and let thoughts wander .... I really like the tattooed neck on the last one :) A good message :)

Carol Anne Strange said...

Planting seeds and planting ideas ~ exciting times ahead! Lovely to read your latest post, Chick, and to see the beautiful you and your equally beautiful drawings. And, wow, what a fantastic tractor! Hope the months to come bring abundance to you and yours. xx

Beth Nicholls said...

Well you are definitely the most glam farmer I have ever met! It seems like the rhythm of your creating is in perfect balance with the seasons of farm life - almost a painting hibernation through the summer, so it stores up nutrition and strength to blossom in winter!
Love the drawings

Diane said...

What a great life--really--creating all day long--you are very talented too!

Renee Howell said...

While driving across Kansas last week - my thoughts drifted to you and wondering about your tractor. And here you are - driving and planting. Spring.

Jeanne Nelson said...

How cool is that GPS . . . and that tractor, with the beautiful Odd Chick checking its bins! I can only imagine the daydreaming that occurs within these peaceful fields.

Love your sketches, sweet lady! You do great hair; I notice this because I have such difficulty with it. My fav sketch is the last one ~~ love the words.

Happy sewing, tending, and harvesting ... your crops, AND art! xoxo ~~ Jeanne

Poetic Artist said...

Have you been doing those sketches while the tractor drives it self.
Lots of time to dream and think while the wonderful tractor drives.
Take care.

Karin Bartimole said...

That's a pretty dang cool piece of equipment you've got there! I imagine allowing the tractor to drive itself is a fine way to practice the whole 'letting go' thing. Turning one's own power over to... a gps driven vehicle?! not a true higher power, but an interesting symbol of one :) I love your metaphor of planting the seeds of your creative mind's eye in the fertile soils of time, watching them evolve and be nurtured by your inner eye, and keeping the creative muscles loose with your drawing. Ah spring! I feel like I've planted a whole lot in a chaotic mess, and need to go through to make nice and neat rows of my seeds - with a small area allowed to go perfectly wild! Joyful creating to you, K

linda said...

wow, that's some it even called that? haha...i wanted to say what an increasing amount of ability you are showing in your art, i have been in awe of seems since that class in california but am not sure really...these drawings are wonderful, i can imagine them painted as you would do them, they would be fabulous......have fun in that megatractor and hoping for you some time to make art too....and also thank you for appreciating my new blog design..i think it's about done...finally...what a job!

Beth Nicholls said...

Thank you so much for your sewing encouragement! Hopefully Joli and I can help each other make gorgeous things

DJ said...

There's something comforting to me about seeing your pics of the fields being readied for new growth...and knowing you're an awesome artist at the same time.
Though I don't live on a farm now, it probably has something to do with my own heritage of nurturing, earth-connected folk...
Thank you for sharing multiple parts of your rich life ~

Nishant said...

I really like the tattooed neck on the last one
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