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Monday, May 24, 2010

Girlfriends and Blog Friends

Today I had lunch with a girlfriend and we talked straight for 3 hours about our family, our marriages, our kids, our dreams. Some of those tender things brought quick tears to our eyes, but we didn't miss a beat.. we kept right on talking. I couldn't believe when we looked down at our watches and time had slipped by so quickly.
I treasure those times sharing my heart-strings with another, bouncing off ideas about how to improve our lives and relationships and reach for our dreams.
Sometimes I wish I could just have a nice, relaxing lunch with some of my blog-friends. I would like to hear your voice. Do you use your hands when you talk? Do you have an accent? Do you snort when you laugh? Do you do funny things with your eyebrows? It's funny because I know your kids/grandkids, I've seen pictures of your favorite rooms, your front-door views, I've heard your dreams and read about your struggles. I've met your soul - I would love to see what that soul is encased in and how it interacts with the world and with me.
Those I've met, I can almost hear your voice in your writing and I love that....
But those I haven't, you're such a sweet mystery to me.
And I guess... in a way... I love that too.


Ces said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I like that you call yourself a farmer. yes, I would like to meet some of my blogfriends too. I call them sisterfriends. Have a great week!

Beth Nicholls said...

Wouldn't that be amazing. One big lunch for everyone who has read about and listened to everyone else. What a room full of love that would be!

Diane said...

How cool would that be?! I think the same thing too.

Jeanne Nelson said...

Love your latest "girls," and the sentiment on the first one ("Shared Hearts")! We all need those "girlfriend dates" when we can pour out our hearts and share our souls, in person. When that isn't possible, it is great to have friends here to share our hearts and souls with, undoubtedly, and I truly appreciate sharing with you, hun. I would love to meet you, and the others in blogland also ~~ it would be an awesome event.

As for me, and my mannerisms, I have a deeply-rooted southern accent, constantly use my hands, have a crooked smile with several laugh lines at my eyes (known as "crows feet," lol), and love to listen and laugh, or cry, with others. How about you?

Wishing you a peaceful week on the farm, xoxo ~~ Jeanne

Kimmie said...

It would be so cool to meet for lunch sometime :)
Bloggerland is cool though too .... it reminds me of what it was like to have penpals :)

Karin Bartimole said...

It's so true - I wish I could host a gathering, and miles could disappear... a weekend of art, laughs, good food, and sharing. That's a little dream of mine : )
I had the good fortune of meeting with a fellow blogger recently, and hours passed in what seemed like no time, as you described. Luckily, we discovered we live mere blocks from each other and can build our friendship in the 'real' world. How cool is that?! xo Karin

Kay said...

oh I loved my penpals when I was a child..the anticipation of that letter in the thin onionskin paper! I love the blogoshere too. It is amazing to share everyday experiences with friends thousands of miles away. what a world!

Kolleen said...

so happy you had that precious time with your friend...that soul food!!! there is nothing quite like it as i was just able to spend the last weekend with Chrissy. I was so happy she came out to visit me and I don't think we shut up the entire time we were together!!! thought we were going to lose our voices!!!

i do talk with my's an italian thing!!!! and i do have an accent...i get called on it all the time! and yes.
when i laugh really hard...i do snort!!!!

what about you?!?!?

sending a big hug

Poetic Artist said...

It would be such a wonderful time to get together with blog friends.
Think of all the art that would be created.
I am a southern girl, accent and all. I can not say a word if I do not use my hands. LOL
Take care,

chrissy said...

i love this.
thankfully i know what you look like and how your precious voice sounds and your awesome style...
it is ALL these things that make me miss you.
i really hope our paths cross in person again sometime soon.
how is jolie?
she is such a dear.
i LOVE your relationship.
please give her my love.
i so get that "how in the world has it already been 3 hours?" feeling when you are with a dear friend...
i had that experience for about 4 days straight last weekend.
it is a blessing.


chrissy said...

LOOOOVE your latest works.
you just keep goin girlfriend!

danielle said...

Oh Peggy! This post makes me miss you so much! I could just picture your sweet face and your caring eyes...I am so happy to hear that you spent an afternoon with friends that filled your heart right up.

I too would love to get together with my BLOG friends and share a three hour dinner spilling open in person, laughing so hard tears start to run down our faces...thank-you for your honesty and your tender heart...xox

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Oh yes, I want to be able to pop over to the USA and visit every couple of months at least. I miss all my Artful Journey gals and would love to meet my other blog friends spread across the globe.

DJ said...

Although I'm never at a loss for words online, I would clam up in a group of women...

Nishant said...

What a room full of love that would be!
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Adrian said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I'm so happy to meet others who enjoy art and feel blessed by the lives they have created and are making new each day. Your girls are just wonderful! Happiness!

Leslye said...
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Leslye said...

I just wanted to tell you I really like your art. I am also glad to that you have or work a farm, I know how hard the work is doing that.It's like 24/7/365. And not many people understand that at all!
Thank you for sharing with us all of our talented work. May you be blessed in your art and your farm.