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Friday, April 16, 2010

A Good Reason to Keep Trying

I will always love the face. I did these faces with Shiva sticks, which for me has been a wonderful way to work with oil and to experiment and practice with the creaminess and wonderful blending qualities you get from oil. The background is acrylics. I also layered flowered napkins for the background with matte medium and it helped to make my faces stand out.

This painting was specifically made to be sold at a silent auction at my church wherein they were raising money for the youth and their summer camps. Happily, it did sell and had several bidders. (I'm always afraid that it will sit there with no bid on the page).This is another great reason to continue to improve in my art as others will purchase them for good causes and then the gift keeps on giving.

I know that I'm growing up because previously I could never give anything away or sell things that I painted because I figured the good things were a fluke and that I would never be able to make another good painting. But now I know they are only stepping stones to the next project. It helps that my stepping stones are being loved and accepted by others, and helping others.

I look forward to the day when I can raise the big bucks for my favorite charities simply by doing something I love to do.


Kay said...

what a great idea. I am thinking of offering my "painting" Services to the local no kill animal shelter for fund raising...I wondered how those Shiva sticks would be..might have to try them

chrissy said...

dear beautiful
i LOVE these girls.
i would have bid on them in a worry there.
so happy to see you "growing" in your art.
(still want darling hubby to bid me a chunky necklace)
loves to you.

chrissy said...

p.s. i LOVED your comments about contentment and GODness.
that hit home as for me, the heart of contentment is keeping the promises made with my father in heaven.
everything else just follows.
love you.

Buffy said...

Beautiful girls,I'm glad they got bids,I have'nt tried those shiva oil sticks yet.

Poetic Artist said...

I love the faces but I always love your work. I am glad they went for a good cause. No bid, do not be silly. I know we have little faith in our self so often and our father in heaven has so much faith and love for us..Take care my sisterfriend.

Diane said...

I love these ladies and your blog--I'm going to follow. I saw your Happy Dance girl on Suzi's site. I'm taking her P. & Passion class--love it--these angles are tough but Suzi's videos are awesome.

Cathy {Tinniegirl} said...

Oh I love that stepping stones thought. It's so true.

The painting is great. I'm also really taken with the butterfly face and the wild woman in the other post. They are stunning.