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Sunday, April 18, 2010


okáy ... it's official.


I'm filling up this 6th moleskin so quickly that I need to get another one on order.

This is my first "looking down" face.

I'm taking an on-line class with Suzi Blu- called "Piety & Passion" because I love, love Tudor history and this class combines learning the 3/4 face, with Tudor portraits, colors, textures, and she even has Tudor history to get you into their heads so that you can paint with imagination and with knowledge of the times. SO FUN!!

But in the meantime, I'm practicing faces from all different angles and noticing new things about them that I've never seen before. (oh dear-googly eyes as Suzi Blu calls them)

Also, another thing that has triggered this whole fACE MANIA thing is that I watched a master body painter, Mark Reid (mild caution- adult images also on this site) paint children's faces at an event in our small town. He was born here, and loves the little kids in his hometown. This is no simple face painting- this is wild, crazy wonderful art. And I watched and and listened as he spoke about using the body and face for a canvas -something that never crossed my mind really. But watching him interact which each child who was absolutely delighted for him to paint their face- well.. it was the coolest thing. Not only would you get to paint faces but you get to talk to the face your painting!!! And talk about the JOY! You've never seen so many beautiful HAPPY, HAPPY faces. He teaches classes and I'm dying to take one.

Of course, I had to come home and paint a butterfly face in my journal to remember the day and capture some of the images I saw. Now it looks kind of pitiful compared to what he was able to produce in minutes. But then he's had a life-time I tell myself.

This was my feeble attempt of trying to re-create some of the magic I saw in Miguel Martinez's art. His stuff blows me away and he's in my part of the country- and everything about his art touches me.

These images say to me, "Paint you wild wonderful crazy woman! Time is running out and there are so many portraits to paint! AND PAINT WELL- and you're not getting any younger! carpe diem!

I thought you might like to see my last painting of faces I posted earlier but this is after I completely finished and added a few more details.

I hope that I have infected you with some FACE MANIA! Please share yours with me and feed fuel to my already raging fire of passion about this subject.


Poetic Artist said...

I am loving all your faces..I love the one you captured with the butterfly. I am thinking if you run out of places to paint..I have a canvas you can paint on to hang on my wall..LOL.
Take care.

Kolleen said...

such beautiful faces!!!! i love them!!!

i love seeing what has transpired through your face obsession!!!

please keep sharing with us!!

hugs and love

Diane said...

I share this face obsession too :) I love your colorful ones--beautiful. Suzi got me hooked on the series "the tudors"--have you seen it?

DJ said...

I love your faces!!! You make them unique by using a variety of poses and features.(Unlike some artists, who make the same face repeatedly in different
You go girl! Can't wait to see more of YOUR awesome style...

Zom said...

Yes, what is it about faces that is so fun to paint and draw? My work is always figurative, probably just so I can paint faces!

Anetka said...

Hey Odd Chick your portraits rock!
I love your style and I could recognize it from miles away:)
Keep posting! I can feel your passion energy even here:)) in London!!

chrissy said...

beautiful soul...
it is only appropriate that you are painting faces as beautiful as your own.
i wanted to tell you which one i loved the most, but i would be lying because i honestly love them all.
the talent that God has given you is certainly not being wasted.
ooooh how i love you and love watching your pieces grow!
huge hugs.

C. Wright Art Gallery said...

Love your work -- keep on keepin' on -- you are very talented !!

Deborah said...

All these paintings are very beautiful and moving. Your copy of Miguel Martinez' style I like so much better than his! Yours looks more realistic, less distorted, and the colors are so bright. Very powerful painting.
Thank you for your comment on my Oswald Chambers inspired journal writing.
I love your blog!

Lea Selley said...

I am a face and body painter and I know there is such a great rush and fullfillment when painting faces - the kids are just so happy and adults love getting transformed too!

If you are ever looking to attend a great face and body apinting convention, bodyssey ( in Canada is awesome, and it's hosted in my home town Calgary this year!

Keep up the hard work blogging, your artwork is inspiring!