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Thursday, April 8, 2010

4082 miles of smiles

I went to Charleston, South Carolina and every state in between from New Mexico -back in 10 days - driving 4082 miles, and had an absolute blast with all this family of girls. My niece, Hollie, on the far right is who we went to see and she was an awesome tour guide.
We saw old houses and

and old trees (this one is 500 years old)

and old gardens. You know, the kind of things that grow old gracefully.......
We saw scary things, like haunted jails and alligators, and each other without make-up and morning coffee.

we ate GREAT food (this is Mammy's Cupboard outside of Natchez, Mississippi. We sat on beautiful private beaches and played in the white sand at Destin, Florida! and met incredible people along the way. This is Isaac. He has lived on the Magnolia Plantation all his life. His great-grandfather was a slave on this place. And his father is a camellia specialist. Isaac has lived long enough to see his family honored for the incredible contribution his family gave and suffered to prosper the South. We shopped and shared our lives and laughed and peed in a hundred different bathrooms.

A girl's road trip - the best of times, the best memories to place in the pocket of my heart. Thanks for riding along.


Poetic Artist said...

Looks like you guys had a fun trip.
Funny to see the picture of Mammy's.
Me and my best friend took a road trip a few years ago and we have a picture of this too.
We are going to Charleston in July any suggestions on places to eat? LOL...One of my favorite things is too eat.

Karin Bartimole said...

what a blast!! Glad you got to enjoy such a fun adventure :)

artistsjournal said...

Wow! That is just the best. It's wonderful to hear about girl road trips!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the flowers.

Kimmie said...

how cool is that!?! it looks like so much fun! I'd do it just to see a 500 yr old tree -amazing!

chrissy said...

i am so super happy that you had such a fantastic time. fun to see beautiful jolie.s face in those photos too.
miss you two.