Passions of an Odd Chick

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Moleskin -5th edition

I finished my 4th journal and ordered a new, larger moleskin with good watercolor paper. This is my first page and I had lots of fun trying to paint the different frogs and learning about each frog's characteristics. Steve Emery at Color Sweet Tooth has always inspired me with his beautiful watercolors and he has an orange frog painting that I love to re-visit in his gallery. Someday, I hope to paint a large painting of a frog, or maybe a collage of some type.

Speaking of frogs, or rather, little tad-poles, this little value sketch is roughly translated from a favorite photograph of my grandsons. There was pure joy on their faces as they "acted" like they were going to run over me in the golf cart. I wish I could have done the picture justice (the younger child is much cuter in the photo)but it was just very difficult for me to control the ink pen. But I had a great time trying.

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging words. I'm beginning to gain some ground, slowly but surely, and many of you have stayed with me as I've slowly progressed. Your comments mean more than you can know for someone in a little town with few friends or acquaintances that enjoy sketchbooks or painting. I think you all should know that you are a real part of my progress.


Carol Anne Strange said...

Congratulations, Chick, for finishing your 4th journal. What a treasure and a wonderful record of your evolving journey. I'm sure the next journal will be a revelation for you as you continue on your path. Wishing you a creative bounty. x

ooglebloops said...

Love frogs and toads - and I love yours!! Great job - and congrats of finishing all those journals and starting yet another!!!

linda said...

peggy, both of these are great, I love the colorful frogs [course!] but the one of your grandsons is fabulous...even if the likeness is not what you want, I think it shines with the joy these little guys are having....and that would be the point, I think?

your style seems to be changing some, perhaps it is from the classes you took a couple of weeks ago or maybe it is the practice and dedication you give to your work....I love watching your progress and hope I offer encouragement once in awhile...I am such a flake, coming and going from my blog, but always love to see what new painting or sketch you post..