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Sunday, August 23, 2009

I totally understand......

Yeah. I totally get why it's fun to paint semi trucks. It took me a moment, but after my grandsons got into it, well, so did I.

I also really enjoyed putting hot pink spots from the paint-ball gun all over the old tin barn until it looked like a Betty Boop backdrop. Now that was funky.

And, the time that Gus woke his little brother up from a reeeeally good nap, I totally understood why the little fellow beat the crap out of his older brother until his own little hand hurt. I wouldn't do that, but I totally get why you would feel like doing it.

And I also understood that when you put on a long white t-shirt of Papa's that hits the floor that you feel like Jesus in a white robe, and the gray-haired cat could really be Moses if you stared long enough.

And I totally get why you would fake sleep and get someone to carry you up three flights of stairs, and then be so proud of yourself for upping a grown-up that you had to smile with your eyes closed, as they laid your little butt on the bed huffing and puffing. I mean, really, I would have to grin, too.

And there really is something sad, but cool about trapping a craw-dad in a glass and watching his creepy claws scratch frustratingly against his trap, and I would squeal like a girl too, if someone walked up behind me and pinched my neck.
And, man, Gus, you really took me back when you felt like a hero who won his first medal all because you shifted into first without a glitch and the little red car went putting on down the road like an ole pro was driving it.... that felt good to me too, buddy.

And, yeah, I could drive around the farm in the golf cart all day until dark chasing dragonflies and doing donuts in the pecan orchards, or at least until you threw my cell phone out and we had to hunt for it..... again.

But truly, when you are totally exhausted after being completely wound up, and you lay your little head on the pillow, I totally get that you finally think about the ones who cared for you all day, and in the dark remember to say so sweetly, "hey, i really, really, love you."

Hey, buddies, "I really really love you too!"........ and I get you, I totally get you.


Kimmie said...

ohhhh I can see how your days are going right now .... all play and no work :) just kidding :) .... great memories are made when you just "get it"

Linda B said...

What fun, and what precious boys.

Poetic Artist said...

What wonderful fun you are having.
You guys are making wonderful memories.

Funky Art Queen said...

I love that horse painting, I wish I could do something painterly like it. great use of colors.

Anonymous said...

Wow! ... I'm a mid-50ish woman, a grandmother -- and I've been mesmerized by the truck! :-D

May I use it on my Facebook page as a little gift for my six-year-old grandson? He would love it -- I will link back to your page ...

Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...