Passions of an Odd Chick

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Living In our Dreams - Awake

This is a quick and shaky little sketch done in a rough diesel pick-up on the way to visit family over the holidays. William -Adolphe Bouguereau did it first in 1889 and called it "Whisperings of Love".

It is in my journal because it symbolizes to me what I feel as I reflect over 2008. It was a very blessed year. There were some close calls - like when my Mom went to the emergency room because she thought she was having a stroke but they found it was only a reaction to a nausea medicine she had been prescribed -a Benedril tablet cured her. Like when my son skid off the road in Colorado after hitting a icy patch and went over the edge and down to the bottom of a ravine and crawled out uninjured - and after his car was towed, he drove it off the lot! How many other disasters were averted - I'll never know. It is not because I'm good or deserve an enchanted year -thank goodness we don't get what we deserve - but this year was one of those years that most everything went right and good and lovely and it deserves to be remembered and memorialized in my journal. It was a year of great wealth. What is the secret to wealth? I've learned if your not grateful, your not rich. I have felt the abundance this year. I hope the new year brings abundance to you and that the boundary lines for you fall in very pleasant places.

Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake. Thoreau


linda said...

here's hoping we all have a wonderful new year, filled with the blessings of all good things....may you find all you are seeking, dear odd chick.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thank God for disasters avered.

Karin said...

I love your whispering angel and your stories of angelic interventions through this year, assisting your loved ones! It's so true - the more acknowledgment we give those miracle moments, the more I realize they happen continuously through out the day, and opportunities for gratitude are abundantly apparent, even when they ride along side challenges and experiences I might not choose on my own!
Happy new year, and may the angels guide your days...

Living life on the edge said...

i guess we both were in the contemplative spirit when we wrote our blogs, I cant believe how truely blessed we have been this year!!!!

redchair said...

Great post and I agree. God blesses those that are greatful.
Best wishes for a wonderful 2009 to you and your family.

The Victorious place said...

Well had to wonder over and see what you were up to. I really like the sweet tender portraits that you do. The feelings show through very strongly.
You are correct that our life is not what we have or do but who we are in the core. I am thinking of the women who died in acts (I think her name was Lidia?)-she was remembered for her acts of kindness and gifts that she gave. One of the Apostles was used to raise her up again. Or how about Stephen a man full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom who ministered to the widows as he waited on the tables? There life cries out to us that there is more-much more then what we have. So while we are let us encourage each to be more then we are lest the darkness overtake us.
Well my computer is still off line at home so can not post any on my blog yet. Hopefully soon.
Have a blessed new year with much growth in joy.