Passions of an Odd Chick

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It truly amazes when I look around and see the many faces of Eve.
Today, I had two girlfriends drop by and one bought a piece of art from me after the other friend had practically sold it to her before she got here. I really appreciated her purchase but I mostly appreciated their encouragement and affirmation that what I was doing had value.
Both of these women are working out of their homes. One has become a very talented photographer and is soaring with her craft. The other is creating beautiful wooden crosses and wooden art plaques that are way beyond classy!
They both understand the need to network and encourage each other. When you work at home there are no peers within your four walls to motivate you, push you higher, or to educate you further. You must do that all for yourself. It was so nice to have real-life girlfriends show up and share their own struggles, joys and interest at building their business at home. And I love selling paintings so that I can keep doing what I truly love.
I wonder how others stay motivated to create their best work whether its done in or outside their homes.

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