Passions of an Odd Chick

Friday, April 25, 2008

I traveled to Greece in March for 9 days. It was some grand trip for a little old farm girl like me. My sweet hubby gave me the gift 6 months before the planned trip so I began to read, and plan, and dream months before I even got there. I told my DH -"it was a gift that just kept on giving". Even after I've returned, the images of Greece are still enchanting me.

I especially loved their horses. They drew and sculptured horses and plastered them all over everything - and yet they were very Greek horses! So geometrical, and so classical. I brought a little replica home that I have enjoyed on my coffee table. And today, he called my name. Now that my office work is done, my house is clean, my laundry is put away, my yard is in good order, and all the week's commitments are behind me, and after a hard week of being a friend - I think it is time to paint. Only time will tell whether I can do the Greeks justice for inspiring me with their lovely artistic horses but I'm grateful for the delightful diversion and hope this classical pony will take me on a good ride.

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