Passions of an Odd Chick

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Acrylic on 22x30 Fabriano Paper - 
This is my latest painting called "Our Prayers Are Our Gifts" inspired by not one, but two glorious on-line classes.
You must check out Misty Mawn's Full Circle Workshop. It is packed full of 12 weeks of pure, undiluted, mind-blowing inspiration. I have loved it so much.
Jeanne Oliver's "Studying Under The Masters". This is a group of artists that hold nothing back and has been very educational and I have been reading like a mad woman and devouring new and magical information about the old art masters, and who inspired them, and who inspired them... and you can imagine it cost me another penny and many a library visit to hunt down the info- but it has FIRED ME UP, I tell you.
I learned to weave a scarf on a loom!!! Check off another bucket list item. It was an amazing day and I was so pleased with myself when she found no mistakes as far as missing a weave -Because I am always the messy one!

I'm still practicing my drawing. I'm even teaching some little kids some basic drawing lessons and that has been a big deal for me. I love seeing them progress, and loving their drawings and it has helped my own drawing by repeating the basics over and over.

And when I can't stand the joy of painting and drawing, and my chores are done, I take a little spin on my new (used) dirt-bike Sweet Farmer got me for Valentines. I love to see the farm land around here as I ride, and search for drawing inspirations on the back roads. 

Life is really good for me right now. It's hard not to feel guilty sometimes. Our lives are not perfect and sad things have happened that created a huge tidal wave of grief in our life.
 We lost my sister-in-law, Sweet Farmer's only sibling -his big sister. It was a heart attack at 51. She was a beautiful, loving mother and wife and she loved her little brother with a deep and consistent devotion. They were super close. I have been so sad for my Sweet Farmer as he bravely goes on to accept the loss of her presence from this side of things.
In spite of sad things, our lives are rich and full and hold so many opportunities. Even losing someone, makes you realize how very special our moments are with loved ones and to be truly present in the day you have.
Give you gifts to world and let it gift you back.
And spread grace... the world needs it so badly.


Bren Graham Thebeau said...

You have been creating such beautiful works, clearly things are just 'clicking' in your life and it shows. so sorry for the lost of one so dearly loved and missed, it causes us to hold the moments as more precious that's for sure.

PS: link to your blog on FB doesn't work might want to look into that :-)

Jennifer Richardson said...

I've seen some of the brilliance
flowing from that lovely heart of yours on facebook (so glad for that!) and am cheering wildly in your corner over here.

Sad about your hubbys deep loss...can't imagine losing my 51 year old sister. Gives me a shiver and deep gratitude for each moment I get to share with her.
Thanks for reminding me how sweet and worth savoring each moment.