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Monday, December 9, 2013

Checkin In...

If you are still following me- you are the loyal, among loyal blog friends. I have been here in a big way. But not Here. I can't even begin to tell you all the here and theres I've been.

Blame my IPad!  I do love it, and my new Sensu brush and art apps for art on the go.


And my own art which I'm working on almost every day now.

And workshops, and art books.
Did I mention I took a trip to London and Paris in September!
Yes !
Versailles blew me away.
My sister-in-law, my mom,( me) and a dearest friend and my daughter (not pictured here) all went along. What a hoot!
My art has been selling People! Such crazy fun - mailing prints and shipping paintings and making more art.
I'm even teaching drawing to some super talented kids two days a week.
It's hard to give a quick summary of months and months - but there you go. I'll keep checking in here as often as I can. Until then, have yourself a merry BIG, BIG



MeOfCourse said...

Happy to know you are enjoying yourself. Excellent work. Happy Holidays.

Ophelia said...

I found your blog today and I love it!!! I totally understand being other places these days...hope you enjoy your new found loves on your ipad!!


Hello, blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

Nice post.

Please visit mine too and feel free to add comments.


Jennifer Richardson said...

So glad to see your face
and hear all the wonderment
happening in and around you:)
Beautiful wings, yours:)
(tried the link to follow you
over to where you've mostly been
but it didn't work for me....rats)
Hope this month is a shining joy,