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Friday, March 2, 2012

IPAD - fun playground for the imagination!

This is a fun little digital watercolor that I created on the app "Art Rage" while traveling in the car!
YES! you can paint in the car with no mess. YEA!!!I played for hours on this app and learned so much about blending, shape and texture.

If I can do this, anyone can. It does take patience at first, but so does a layered painting. But you can learn so much without waste of paper or paint. I miss the sensation of paint and paper but I feel very free to make mistakes because I just push the undo button and try again.

I created this for facebook (and notecards) for the many people who are praying for my Dad.
He had a massive stroke to his right brain on Valentines which left him paralyzed on the left side. But he is slowly regaining strength and only time will tell whether he will return to his former health. I have been sad but not discouraged.

This was a photograph I took in Italy and then added background and text.

 This is the second painting (above) I took to another app named "Perculator". Fun stuff!
streets of Pisa 
Very Klimtish don't you think?
This was my grandson making me laugh (my sister-in-law in the background).
I took this photograph to Grungetastic app. and beat it up a bit. There are so many photo apps to play with it.

Have you found other art or photo apps that you would share in comments?


Gloria said...

I hope your dad is doing better. Prayers for him. Very nice pieces on your Ipad. They look great. Did you d/l the software on your ipad? I recently got an ipad but am not quite sure how to use it. Again, hope your dads recovery is fast. Take care.

Calmil2 said...

Thank you for stopping by to read my Friday Feature Artist interview. I will be thinking good thoughts for your dad!! I am an Occupational Therapist (as well as an artist) and I can tell you that it is amazing how the brain heals after a stroke and it will keep healing for months(sometimes years)so hang in there and keep the hope!!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I'm still just in awe
of the gutsy glory of it all,
this digital magic!
Amazing the creativity
and control
you have with it.
Sounds like something wonderful
to eventually wrap my brain around.

Adding my prayers to the others
for your dad.
provision, protection and peace
to you all,

Bren said...

so glad you have found a way to create while walking through this difficult time with your Dad. Beautiful creations and am encouraged by your Dad's progress, may it continue we pray.

Poetic Artist said...

My thoughts and prayers for Your Dad. Looks like you are enjoying your Ipad..

simplyred said...

The red flower "painting" is really beautiful. I'm afraid an iPad isn't anywhere in my immediate future but seeing your artwork sure makes me wish I had one.

(Ms.) Ernie said...

Hi, I really liked your iPad app and will have to check it out.

I hope your dad is doing much better. Strokes are awful. My mom had two of them.